Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Joint Carer Services Lots 1 and 2 contract award(s)05/12/2017For Determination10/01/2018
Budget Monitoring: Month 1005/12/2017For Determination14/03/2018
Proposal to amalgamate and alter SEN provision at Oaklands Park School and Ratcliffe School, Dawlish05/12/2017For Determination09/02/2018
Children in Care - Placement Sufficiency13/11/2017For Determination11/04/2018
Devon Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 201731/10/2017For Determination14/11/2018
Future Arrangements for 0-19 Public Health Nursing Services31/10/2017For Determination09/02/2018
Strategic Review of Special Educational Needs Provision31/10/2017For Determination14/03/2018
Flood Risk Management Action Plan – Update on the current year’s programme and approval of schemes and proposed investment in 2018/1903/10/2017For Determination14/03/2018
Schools Revenue Budget 2018/19 - DfE Consultation04/09/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Future Direction of Network Management04/09/2017For Determination14/03/2018
Strategic Intent: Doing What Matters04/07/2017For DeterminationBetween 14/03/2018 and 11/04/2018
Children and Young People Plan04/07/2017For Determination11/04/2018
Capital Flood Improvement Schemes at Ivybridge and Uplyme13/06/2017For Determination10/01/2018
Regional Adoption Agency:22/05/2017For DeterminationBetween 10/01/2018 and 09/02/2018
Budget Monitoring: Month 804/04/2017For Determination10/01/2018
Pay Policy Statement27/02/2017For Determination15/02/2018
Admission Arrangements and Education Travel Review: Approval to admission arrangements for subsequent academic year27/02/2017For Determination09/02/2018
Roundswell South Business Park06/12/2016For Determination10/01/2018
Public Health Annual Report 2016-1706/12/2016For Determination09/05/2018
Family Based Care Tender for provision of fostering placements03/11/2016For DeterminationBetween 10/01/2018 and 09/02/2018
Treasury Management Stewardship Outturn Report06/09/2016For Determination11/07/2018
Standing Items, as necessary (Minutes, References from Committees, Notices of Motion and Registers of Delegated or Urgent Decisions)15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 10/01/2018 and 31/12/2019
Annual Childcare Sufficiency Report: Endorsement of Annual report outlining how the Council is meeting its statutory duty to secure sufficient early years and childcare places and identifying challenges and actions for the coming year in relation15/04/2016For Determination11/07/2018
Approval to Revenue & Capital Outturn, for the preceding financial year15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 09/05/2018 and 14/06/2018
Standing items on the future management, occupation, use and improvement of individual holdings and the estate, monitoring the delivery of the Budget & the Estate Useable Capital Receipts Reserve in line with the approved policy and budget framework15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 10/01/2018 and 01/05/2021
Heart of the South West - Joint Committee (Council Minute 86 - 16 February 2017)15/04/2016For Determination07/12/2017
Revenue Budget, Medium Term Financial Strategy & Capital Programme for next subsequent financial year and beyond15/04/2016For Determination15/02/2018
County Road Highway Maintenance Revenue Budget and On Street Parking Account15/04/2016For Determination11/04/2018
County Road Highway Maintenance Capital Budget15/04/2016For Determination11/04/2018
Target Budget: Target Budget: Impact of the Provisional Local Government Settlement for forthcoming year on the preparation of that year's budget and affirmation/re-affirmation of service expenditure targets15/04/2016For Determination10/01/2018