Issue - decisions

07/10/2022 - Building on Devon County Council Owned Brown-field Land to provide Homes for Devon (Minute 130 - 21 July 2022)

Councillor Hart MOVED and Councillor McInnes SECONDED that the Cabinet’s advice be accepted and that Council;


(a) note the number of affordable housing units across Devon which the Council’s land has enabled over the past five years;


(b) confirm that in the short to medium term (3-5 years) the Council does not have plans to dispose of County Hall;


(c) endorse the approach to review the use of DCC assets as part of the Council’s financial sustainability programme to identify opportunities for the provision of (in particular) DCC key worker accommodation;


(d) note the continuing work of the Devon Housing Task Force and DCCs involvement in this; and


(e) support the inclusion of strategic DCC farm land in relevant local plan allocations (including land at Markham’s and Manor Farm) as part of the Council’s work to support housing provision across the County whilst ensuring that farm holdings remain viable and where possible land is replenished (subject to financial resources being available) to maintain the Farms Estate at c10k acres.


The Motion in the name of Councillor Hart was then put to the vote and declared CARRIED.