Executive post

Cabinet Member for Community, Public Health, Transportation and Environmental Services


Responsibility for strategic and infrastructure planning generally and for the provision of transport services in the community, for flooding and coast protection planning and for those Council services which safeguard individuals in the community and enhance their quality of life: in particular carbon reduction, climate change, countryside management, heritage, conservation, gypsies and travellers, community safety and emergency planning. Responsible also for the Registration Service and for the provision of a basic adult learning services, a library and archives service and support for the arts and for the discharge of all the Council’s statutory functions, powers and duties in relation to the provision of youth services.


Responsibility for the discharge of the Council’s public health functions and health protection and promoting the health and wellbeing of the public.


Liaising with public sector bodies and the voluntary and community sector (the Third Sector) in Devon such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Council for Voluntary Services and Devon Communities Together to develop such relationships for mutual advantage and community gain, working together for the benefit of people and communities in Devon.

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