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We the undersigned petition the council to Request that Devon County Council must offer local residents and stakeholders a more comprehensive, inclusive and widely publicised Public Consultation which will include a public meeting before the approval of the trial Low Traffic Neighbourhood for Heavitree and Whipton, Exeter. This petition is to convince Devon County Council to create a new Public Consultation.

• As many as 74% of the residents of Heavitree and Whipton did NOT take part in the consultation in 2021. Many local people did not have the opportunity to express their concerns or understand the implications on their lives.

• Many residents from Heavitree, Whipton, Wonford, St Loyes, Pinhoe and Heavitree Corridor have been organising to engage with Devon County Council.

• We have consistently and regularly attempted to engage with Devon County Councillors and our MP on this subject. Disappointingly they have proven unwilling to meet with us in order to learn more about the basis of our concerns or to support our entirely justifiable and reasonable request for further Public Consultation.

• The consultation was held in at the end of 2021, we suggest, that it was adversely affected by the ongoing Covid restrictions, heavy reliance on paid social media engagement, minimal coverage in the Express & Echo. Therefore, due to significant implications upon the daily lives of residents we consider that the 'normal' level of consultation is inadequate.

• We believe it is to the advantage of all concerned, and a matter of basic fairness, if a further enhanced and proactive Public Consultation is undertaken. To encourage open and honest communications, to include topics which affect the implementation of scheme e.g. the provision of efficient and cheap public transport.

Questions residents need answered:

With local traffic pushed onto the circular roads around Heavitree and Whipton…

What guarantees will Devon County Council give to protect the air quality for residents, cyclists, pedestrians and school children on Heavitree and Pinhoe corridors?

How will Devon County Council manage the increased traffic congestion
for all of Exeter- as local traffic moves to circular route around LTN?

How can Devon County Council safeguard children due to the increased congestion during school drop off/pick times on school routes?

What support will there be for healthcare workers and emergency services on the extended journeys to reach patients within the Low traffic Neighbour which will have modular filters and road blocks.

Devon County Council and HATOC will not give the residents a voice, we have to ask ourselves why?

Please sign our petition as your signature is so important to this community, so we may forge a stronger voice, which can be heard on the streets of Exeter.

We need a new inclusive community based Public Consultation.

Thank you

Started by: Rethink Exeter

This ePetition ran from 21/03/2023 to 23/07/2023 and has now finished.

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