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We the undersigned petition the council to resurface the A39 from Watersmeet to Lynmouth. These repairs should be prioritised in 2021/2022 rather than being deferred yet again to 2023 or beyond.

While accepting that the Council is facing ‘budget uncertainties’, we want you to revisit your decision to postpone indefinitely the planned programme of work to this section of the A39. We do not believe you have understood the impact of the long-standing defects.
Stating that a road safety inspection is carried out monthly does not reassure us. We believe that dozens of reports have been made through DCC's 'report a problem' site of the potholes, uneven surfaces and at least one cycling injury.
Given the level of deterioration, further patching is not an adequate or economic solution and might incur significant claims against the Council’s public liability insurance for damage or injury. To navigate the poor road surface, all vehicles – but cyclists and motorcyclists in particular – have to swerve across this narrow road with poor visibility and blind corners.
The A39 is the main route along the whole North Devon coast, a significant route into Lynton and Lynmouth, and a much-recommended scenic route used by:
- residents & local businesses
- heavy delivery traffic & coaches (having no other route options)
- motorcyclists & cyclists (Regional Cycle Network Route 51)
- significant numbers of visitors who are vital to the local economy, including those travelling to the ever-popular National Trust Watersmeet.
Tourists to the area were commenting on the poor state of the road in 2019, and Devon County Council’s [lack of] maintenance of the A39 has become a standing joke. We are concerned that this ‘joke’ will begin to deter visitors and cause serious injury or damage to a user of the road.
Therefore, we are calling on Devon County Council to urgently bring forward its plans to resurface this section of the A39.

Started by: Vendela Fortune

This ePetition ran from 28/03/2021 to 14/05/2021 and has now finished.

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