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We the undersigned petition the council to Re-instate Herne Bridge Access

Devon County Council have a statutory duty under the Highways Act 1980 Sec 41 to maintain the highway.

Residents of Ash Thomas, Brithem Bottom and surrounding areas are unable to access Halberton or Tiverton except by unviable and unsafe diversions.
These diversions are unviable, unsafe and unviable in terms of road quality and size for the agricultural enterprises in this region of Mid Devon.
They include lengthy stretches of single track lanes without adequate passing places. The state of the alternative roads has diminished significantly in the two months of Herne Bridge closure already, with large pot holes, deep roadside ravines and with one route particularly prone to flooding.
Residents are considerably disadvantaged by not having safe and adequate roads to access schools, businesses, farms, medical care, essential shopping emergency services and general convenience.
The roads are only going to get worse as the farming seasons require more tractor and farm equipment on the roads. Accidents have already taken place between vehicles and there is a real concern for greater risk.
Increased pedestrians and cyclists exercising during lockdown have also increased traffic and with large vehicles accessing winding country lanes there is a real risk of further & significant road accidents.
We understand the concerns over the wildlife surrounding the bridge, however, it seems from photographic evidence monitoring this bridge that the badgers have moved on after the burst water pipe. Therefore we the undersigned implore you to act immediately to repair and restore access to this vital thoroughfare for our community.

Started by: Jenny Smith

This ePetition runs from 09/03/2021 to 07/06/2021.

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