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We the undersigned petition the council to Push forward our planning permission to move our driveway and build a strong standing wall there so no further damage or threat is caused to our lives and property. Change the road or so drivers must obey the 30mph speed limit and it cannot be driven so reclessley and fast. Let us feel safe in our own home Make clearer road signs that are not faded or bent by lorries and heavy duty vehicles on this country road.

Only 9 months after a motorist drove into my parents property damaging all three cars, righting two of them off, and wrecking the garden, we found ourselves as a family back in the same scenario of chaos and devastation.

Last night at around 23:30pm another car came screaming round the corner and ended up crashing into our house.

We have lost count now of how many times pur property has been crashed into and damaged because of this road. Im pretty sure this is the 17th incident in 3 years.

We have already had to rebuild our wall numerous times with reinforced iron rods.

We have had mulitple occasions where we have arrived back home to find skid marks in our drive and lawn where the same thing has happened but luckily no one was in.

Now we have had yet another driver drive too fast on the bend which we have been asking the council for years to review because of how dangerous it is. Tonight we have had our house smashed into, resulting in the whole back wall of my parents bedroom/bathroom destroyed. My car and my step dads car have yet again been majorly damanged

It is SO lucky that no one has been killed! What will it take for the council to do something and listen to us. Will it take us being killed? Because that could of so easily happened this time.

Devon County Council you should be ashamed of yourselves. Time and time again you have been informed of the danger at Berry Down crossing yet you have failed to act and do anything to improve the road safety.

Now my family is once again absolutely devastated by the damage caused to their family home and cars by another motorist that has crashed into the property.

We have pushed and pushed to get some solution. The only plusable one so far is moving our drive way somehwere safer and building a wall. This petition is to push those plans forward and finally get some action. Make this road safer so we don't have to keep living in fear.

Started by: Kathryn Munns

This ePetition ran from 12/08/2019 to 31/12/2019 and has now finished.

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