Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
CSW Group Ltd04/03/2024For Determination12/06/2024
Exmouth Gateway Active Travel Improvements: Levelling Up Fund Scheme for Approval04/03/2024For Determination08/05/2024
Bluecoats C of E Primary School, Great Torrington, Proposal to establish two Resource Bases04/03/2024For Determination10/07/2024
Proposed Productivity Plan for submission to Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities04/03/2024For Determination10/07/2024
Pay Policy Statement 2025/202604/03/2024For Determination20/02/2025
Revenue Budget, Medium Term Financial Strategy 2025/2026 - 2028/2029 and the Capital Programme for 2025/2026 - 2029/203004/03/2024For Determination20/02/2025
Pathfield Special School: reduction in number of registered places from 186 to 168 from September 2025.04/03/2024For Determination10/07/2024
West Devon Transport Hub: enhancement of transport capital programme and appropriation of land at Okehampton Business Park04/03/2024For Determination08/05/2024
Commissioning services to address Interpersonal and Gender-based Violence and Abuse in Devon08/02/2024For Determination10/04/2024
Part II - Land purchase for Redbridge, River Otter08/02/2024For Determination08/05/2024
Re-Tender of the Community Equipment Service (previously DILIS)01/02/2024For Determination10/04/2024
Performance Update (Quarterly Report)01/02/2024For Determination10/07/2024
Change Programme Priorities01/02/2024For Determination13/03/2024
Robyns - Short Breaks01/02/2024For Determination13/03/2024
Delivery of Parking Management Policy : New Pay and Display Schemes01/02/2024For Determination13/03/2024
Kingswear Community Primary (Academy) School: Closure Proposals21/12/2023For Determination08/05/2024
Family Hubs21/12/2023For Determination08/05/2024
Budget Monitoring - Month 221/12/2023For Determination10/07/2024
Budget Monitoring - Month 821/12/2023For Determination08/01/2025
Budget Monitoring - Month 621/12/2023For Determination13/11/2024
Budget Monitoring - Month 421/12/2023For Determination11/09/2024
Budget Monitoring - Month 10 - Performance Progress21/12/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Proposal to establish a SEN Resource Base at West Croft Primary School from September 202421/12/2023For Determination08/05/2024
Plymouth and South Devon Freeport: approval to go to tender and award for both the Phase 1a Spine Road, Langage and A38 Deep Lane pedestrian/cycle bridge21/12/2023For Determination10/04/2024
Blundell’s Road, Tiverton Traffic Calming Phase 2 – approval to construct21/12/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Childcare Sufficiency Assessment - Annual Return21/12/2023For Determination11/12/2024
Target Budget and Service Targets for 2025/202621/12/2023For Determination11/12/2024
Treasury Management Stewardship Mid Year Report21/12/2023For Determination11/12/2024
Public Open Space off Matford Lane06/12/2023Item DeferredBetween 08/05/2024 and 12/06/2024
Bus Service Improvement Plan Tranche 2 Schemes05/12/2023For Determination12/06/2024
Endorsement of the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Climate Adaptation Strategy05/12/2023For Determination13/03/2024
M5 Junction 28 Improvements - Approval for the submission of the Strategic Outline Business Case to the Department for Transport as part of the Large Local Major fund31/10/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Transport Capital Programme 2024/25 and 2025/26: Update and Proposed Allocation31/10/2023For Determination11/09/2024
For approval - Future Delivery Model for the Highway Maintenance Service31/10/2023For DeterminationBetween 11/09/2024 and 09/10/2024
Coroners Devon Wide Service14/09/2023For Determination10/04/2024
People First Strategy - Action Plan (6 Month Progress Report)20/09/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Annual Youth Justice Plan20/09/2023For Determination05/09/2024
Barnstaple Longbridge Phase 1 Scheme for approval to construct (subject to public consultation results)05/09/2023For Determination08/05/2024
Framework Decision -Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 4 2026 - 2040: Approval of Plan05/09/2023For Determination05/09/2024
Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 4 2026 - 2040: Approval to go to Consultation05/09/2023For Determination12/06/2024
Annual Performance - Summary, Review and Forward Planning09/08/2023For Determination23/05/2024
Devolution - Approval of Deal09/08/2023For Determination29/04/2024
Property Change Programme - Phase 209/08/2023For Determination08/05/2024
Fostering Allowance Uplift06/07/2023For Determination10/04/2024
Public Health Annual Report 2023/202403/07/2023For Determination10/07/2024
Treasury Management Stewardship Outturn Report03/07/2023For Determination10/07/2024
Sexual and Reproductive Health Recommissioning03/07/2023For Determination10/04/2024
Revenue and Capital Outturn 2023/202403/07/2023For Determination08/05/2024
Future of Learning Disability Services (Day Care)16/05/2023For Determination13/03/2024
North Devon Link Service16/05/2023For Determination13/03/2024
County Road Highway Maintenance Capital Budget and Progress on 2023/24 Schemes and Proposals for the 2024/25 Programmes and the On-street Parking Account 2024/2527/04/2023For Determination10/04/2024
Adult Social Care - Market Sustainability Plan and Sufficiency Assessment27/04/2023For Determination13/06/2024
Flood Risk Management Action Plan 2024/202529/03/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Education Travel Review: Approval to arrangements for subsequent academic year and School Admissions Policies 26/2702/02/2023For Determination14/02/2025
Devon County Council's Low Carbon Supply Chain Strategy11/08/2022For Determination10/04/2024
Standing Items, as necessary (Minutes, References from Committees, Notices of Motion and Registers of Delegated or Urgent Decisions)15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 10/04/2024 and 08/05/2025
Standing Items, as necessary (Minutes, References from Committees, Notices of Motion and Registers of Delegated or Urgent Decisions)15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 10/04/2024 and 08/05/2025