Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
E4 (Section 8) Cycle and Pedestrian Bridge across Summer Lane, Exeter04/12/2018For Determination09/01/2019
Edge of Care04/12/2018For Determination15/02/2019
Heart of the South West - Local Industrial Strategy06/11/2018Recommmend Forward to Council12/12/2018
Moor Lane Roundabout, Exeter: Junction Improvement Scheme – Scheme and Estimate Approval06/11/2018For Determination15/02/2019
Street Lighting Policy and Contract08/05/2018For Determination09/01/2019
Accommodation Strategy02/01/2018For Determination15/02/2019
Adult Services Market Sufficiency Position02/01/2018For Determination15/02/2019
Children and Young People Plan04/07/2017For Determination15/02/2019
Budget Monitoring: Month 1004/04/2017For Determination13/03/2019
Budget Monitoring: Month 804/04/2017For Determination09/01/2019
Pay Policy Statement27/02/2017Recommmend Forward to Council14/02/2019
Admission Arrangements and Education Travel Review: Approval to admission arrangements for subsequent academic year27/02/2017For Determination15/02/2019
Treasury Management Stewardship Outturn Report06/09/2016For Determination10/07/2019
Standing Items, as necessary (Minutes, References from Committees, Notices of Motion and Registers of Delegated or Urgent Decisions)15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 09/01/2019 and 31/12/2020
Approval to Revenue & Capital Outturn, for the preceding financial year15/04/2016For Determination15/05/2019
Standing items on the future management, occupation, use and improvement of individual holdings and the estate, monitoring the delivery of the Budget & the Estate Useable Capital Receipts Reserve in line with the approved policy and budget framework15/04/2016For DeterminationBetween 09/01/2019 and 01/05/2021
Revenue Budget, Medium Term Financial Strategy & Capital Programme for next subsequent financial year and beyond15/04/2016Recommmend Forward to Council21/02/2019
County Road Highway Maintenance Revenue Budget and On Street Parking Account15/04/2016For Determination10/04/2019