Issue - decisions

13/04/2022 - Bideford Library/Art Centre Project - Approval requested to award the Construction contract



(a) that it be noted that the Council has completed a competitive tender procedure to award a contract to undertake works (“construction contract”) to the Bideford Arts Centre building;


(b) that Cabinet further notes that an RIBA Stage 4 design was completed by NPS South West which informed the basis of the Council undertaking the tender procedure;


(c) that the total Project cost of £1,696,052.70 made up of the construction contract value of £1,431,571.70, and NPS South West’s fees of £264,481 be approved;


(d) that the construction contract value falls within the Capital Programme budget previously agreed for this Project, and to approve virements in the sum of £100,000 from the Estates maintenance programme, and £16,052 from the Library Management Programme to cover the total Project cost be noted; and


(e) that the award of the construction contract to Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Limited in the value of £1,431,571.70 be approved.