Committee details

Purpose of committee

(1) To review the implementation of existing policies and to consider the scope for new policies for all aspects of the discharge of the Council’s functions concerning the provision of personal services for adults including social care, safeguarding and special needs services and relating to the health and wellbeing of the people of Devon, including the activities of the Health & Wellbeing Board, and the development of commissioning strategies, strategic needs assessments and, generally,  to discharge its functions in the scrutiny of any matter relating to the planning, provision and operation of the health service in Devon;

(2) To assess the effectiveness of decisions of the Cabinet in these areas of the Council’s statutory activity;

(3) To relate scrutiny to the achievement of the Council’s strategic priorities and to its objectives of promoting sustainable development and of delivering best value in all its activities;

(4) To make reports and recommendations as appropriate arising from this scrutiny to the County Council and to the Secretary of State for Health, in accordance with the Local Authority (Public Health, Health and Wellbeing Boards and Health Scrutiny) Regulations 2013.



Contact information

Support officer: Fred Whitehouse, 01392 381362, Email: For any problems viewing the livestream email: