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Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/16/59)


Electoral Divisions: Teignmouth Town, Teign Estuary      




(Dr Maun and Cllr Russell attended under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme and spoke for and against the proposals respectively)


The Committee received a presentation and considered the report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/16/59) on work with Teignmouth Town Council and other stakeholders developing proposals  to rationalise existing parking arrangements within the town and results of the statutory consultation in June 2016.  A commitment to review the operation after 1 year had been made with particular consideration to any displacement issues.  The proposal which provided a comprehensive solution would secure safe and expeditious movement of traffic around Teignmouth and to its associated parking facilities and therefore complied with S122 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.


Following consultation - and although many of the issues proved non-controversial or could be accommodated - the issues of Residents Parking within the town and the future use of the Promenade (Upper Den Carriageway) had proved difficult to resolve. 


Some Members raised concerns regarding the environmental impact  and particularly bathing water quality, of camper vans along Upper Den Carriageway (the Promenade) ie the illegal dumping of waste into the surface water drainage system. Some members favoured   extended closure until 30 September each year (instead of 10 September as advertised) in response to the Environment Agency’s testing regime which ran until 30 September.  The bathing water quality was of significant importance to the local economy and environment.   Members noted however that the camper vans issue was one of a number of variables affecting the water quality testing and ongoing concerns of camper vans should be referred to and addressed by the District Environment team.  Pay & Display should also discourage longer stays by camper vans reducing potential for pollution.


Officers advised that it was not possible to extend the length of the restriction along Upper Den Carriageway (the Promenade) without readvertising (but this could be considered as part of a future review) and a lack of support for Upper Den Carriageway (the Promenade) would mean reverting to the status quo which closed the road for a much shorter period and therefore would not address the potential for pollution from the highway drainage system.


A Member  referred to the contentious nature of residents parking within the town and was concerned how carers for the elderly, shiftworkers and visitors to properties would be able to access. Officers advised of permit options for essential visitors (Doctors and nurses had their own), day visitors and general permits.   The Town Council had rejected the town centre residents parking zone but requested a smaller zone in the Salisbury Terrace, Higher Brimley Road area to be re-examined. The current reduced proposal for north of the railway line close to the town centre was therefore based  where a clear majority of responses were in favour  and where up to 50% on street parking during the day was associated with non residents (as opposed to 33% in the larger area).




(a) that the Devon County Council (Various Streets, Teignmouth) (Waiting

Restrictions) Amendment Order be implemented as advertised;


(b) that the Devon County Council (Promenade, Teignmouth) (Prohibition of Vehicles

and One Way) Order be implemented as advertised;


(c) that the Devon County Council (Higher Brimley Road, Teignmouth) (One Way)

Order be implemented as advertised;


(d) that in recognition of the contentious nature of some of the proposals, the

provisions of the above Orders be reviewed after one year of implementation.

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