Agenda item

Report of the Chief Planner (PTE/21/44), attached





(Kirstin McCarthy (Aggregate Industries) and Duncan McIntosh (Aggregate Industries), both for the applicant,  attended under the Public Participation Scheme and spoke in support of the application; and Councillor  Amanda Townsend, Rupert Thistlethwayte,  Chris Wakefield, Professor Rick Brassington (attended remotely),  Monica Mortimer, Tim Taylor and Councillor Roger Giles, attended under the Scheme and spoke in objection to the application).


(Councillor J Bailey attended in accordance with Standing Order 25 and spoke in objection to the application).


The Committee considered the report of the Chief Planner (PTE/21/44) on an application for the development of a new sand and gravel quarry, a new site access and ancillary storage and quarry facilities on 42.5ha of land at Stairgate Farm, Ottery St Mary.  The  Committee also considered an Update Note on proposed new and amended conditions and which detailed minor corrections to the Report.   The Chief Planner also reported on representations received since the publication of the Report and outlined new reasons for objection within the recent representations. 


The Chief Planner’s Report gave a reasoned assessment of the proposal,

referring to all relevant policies and summarising the comments and views of

interested parties received prior to the meeting.


Member discussions and questions to the Officers (which included points arising from the issues raised by the Speakers) related to: planning policy considerations, the level and number of objections received, transportation, access and highway safety; the water environment including hydrogeology water supplies, surface water management ((and on which an Environment Agency representative gave advice (remotely)), and flood risk; health and amenity; the historic environment; landscape and visual impact; biodiversity impacts; restoration proposals, including agricultural and soil considerations; economic considerations; sustainability and climate change; availability of alternatives; and scope and enforceability of the proposed legal agreements and conditions.


The matter having been debated and having regard to the main material

planning policies and requirements, it was


MOVED by Councillor J Brook, and SECONDED by Councillor J Yabsley that subject to the applicant entering into a legal agreement providing for the measures set out in Appendix I of the Report, the County Solicitor be authorised to grant planning permission subject to the conditions set out in Appendix II of this Report and as amended in the Update Note with any subsequent minor material changes to the conditions being agreed by the Head of Planning Transportation and Environment in consultation with the Chair and the local County Councillor.


The MOTION was put to the vote and declared LOST.


It was then MOVED by Councillor A Connett and SECONDED by D Cox and


RESOLVED that the application be refused for the following reasons (Chief Planner to refer to the relevant Planning Policy Guidelines in the Decision Notice):


(a) the great weight afforded by the NPPF to the protection of heritage assets irrespective of the degree of harm;


(b) the potential unacceptable impact on human health relating to  private water supplies;


(c) the unresolved road safety issues relating to the cattle crossing and children’s bus stop;


(d) the lack of evidence of protected species due to the failure to provide up to date surveys;


(e) lack of finalised surface water management plan


(f) loss of mature trees and 1.5km of important hedges; and


(g) sustainability of transporting material for processing in light of the climate emergency.



(N.B. In accordance with Standing Order 32(4) Councillor G Gribble  

requested that abstention from the vote and the decision taken be recorded)


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