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Report of the Head of Adult Commissioning and Health (DCC); and the Director of Strategy,NEW Devon and South Devon and Torbay CCGs, attached


The Committee considered the Report of the Head of Adult Commissioning and Health (Devon County Council) and the Director of Strategy, NEW Devon and South Devon and Torbay CCGs on the emerging approach to developing a long-term plan for Devon.


The Committee had been previously briefed on recent developments in the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) and plans for developing Integrated Care. The Report referred to the NHS long term plan and the plan for Devon with the continuation of current partnership working and member engagement.


Members’ discussion points/comments with the Head of Adult Care Commissioning and Health, Director of Strategy (South Devon and Torbay CCG and NEW Devon CCG) and Associate Director of Commissioning (Devon CCGs) included:


·         the process was about meaningful engagement with the communities of Devon and leading to a Plan to recognise and meet the needs of the population;

·         the role of the Scrutiny Committee in helping shape the Plan; 

·         use of collective resources across the health and care system (including Local Authorities and social housing) that would deliver and meet the needs of the population in accordance with the Plan (including the need to reference local pharmacy services, optometry, dentistry and GP services (commissioning to be transferred from NHS England);

·         expected guidance from the regulators NHS England;

·         progress of the CCGs’ merger to create one ‘footprint’ for Devon by September 2019 noting existing joint commissioning arrangements from 1 April 2020 and co-location at County Hall and plans for full integration by 2020/21;

·         the importance of the digital innovation, connectivity and integrated systems (the Director of Strategy undertook to share the digital strategy with Members); 

·         the STP’s financial position with savings achieved in 2018/19 of £105m, which meant a planned deficit of £80m but with additional grant finding a projected outturn of £35m deficit for 2019/20;   

·         continuation of current governance arrangements including scrutiny engagement and a review of the role of the Health and Wellbeing Board; and

·         the process for developing the Plan with Member involvement and engagement at all levels.


It was MOVED by Councillor Randall Johnson, SECONDED by Councillor Way and




(a) that Officers prepare a written description of the process and timescale for producing the long-term plan for the Committee to come to a view as to the robustness of the process to include the following elements:


(i) a description of the overall process and timescale,

(ii) a description of the plans for engagement at Locality, District, County and STP wide levels;

(iii) the executive arrangements for progressing the development of the plan including the role and function of the Health and Wellbeing Board;  

(iv) a matrix or description of which issues might be best considered at which level; and

(v) intentions in terms of the likely methods and material used to support engagement.


(b) that a draft of the Plan be presented to this Committee in order to enable Members to (i) understand how the Integrated Care Services model sits within the Plan, (ii) to consider whether the Draft Plan highlights issues for further scrutiny and to offer a commentary / challenge from a Scrutiny perspective; and (iii) to liaise with the Health and Wellbeing Board to ensure that there is a good understanding of the Board’s perspective.

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