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Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/18/41) on the interim scheme for Sherford Main Street and the approval to obtain tenders process, attached.


An Impact Assessment is also attached.


(Councillors Brazil, Connett and Hannaford attended in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item).


The Cabinet considered the Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/18/41) on the interim scheme for Sherford Main Street, circulated prior to the meeting in accordance with regulation 7(4) of the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012.


The Report sought approval to obtain tenders to undertake construction of the Sherford Main St Interim (SMSi) which ran from the south side of the Deep Lane junction connection to the recently delivered Phase 1 of Main St, north of Elburton Plymouth.  This scheme would deliver an interim road that would form the spine route through the Sherford development and make Sherford accessible to the A38 by the public.


The new road would accommodate development traffic, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists and the developer would need to upgrade the road as the development built out over time.  The SMSi would provide a direct access route into Sherford removing traffic from local roads and accommodate at least ten years of development traffic. 


The Report highlighted that the area to the east of Plymouth was planned to experience significant growth as a result of strategic developments such as the new community at Sherford (to the south-west of the Deep Lane Junction) which would provide 5,500 new homes and 83,000 square metres of employment space.


The proposal was to deliver Sherford Main St interim (SMSi) scheme, providing a spine route through the development from Deep Lane junction to the first phase of Main St as required in the Sherford planning permission.  SMSi would connect Sherford Main Street Phase 1 (being delivered by the Sherford Consortium) to Deep Lane which would link Sherford, Langage and the communities of Plympton, Plymstock and surrounding villages of South Devon. 


On completion, the scheme would reduce traffic on the surrounding minor roads and areas of Plymouth subject to air quality and road safety issues and also be used by public transport and cyclists as a better alternative to the current routes. The design had been developed thorough collaboration with the Sherford Consortium in a way that made the best use of the funding available but could also be adapted for future improvements.  The scheme plan was provided in the Appendix to the report.


The main construction works were anticipated to start in January 2019 and complete by March 2020.


An Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken for the Sherford development to accompany the planning application which considered the potential for environmental effects to occur as a result of the proposed works, both during construction and after the development was completed.  Where a significant adverse environmental effect was identified, mitigation measures had been developed to reduce, minimise or avoid the impact and further ecological work by the developer had recently been undertaken.


The Cabinet noted that a Construction Environmental Management Plan would be produced to mitigate any environmental impacts as part of the construction process and agreed with the planning authority.


The matter having been debated and the options and/or alternatives and other relevant factors (e.g. financial, sustainability, carbon impact, risk management, equality and legal considerations and Public Health impact) set out in the Head of Service’s Report and/or referred to above having been considered:


It was MOVED by Councillor Davis, SECONDED by Councillor Hart, and




(a) that the Sherford Main Street Interim scheme design, as shown in the Appendix to the report be approved for tender at an estimated total project cost of £5 million. This follows an agreement in principle that:


(i) the DfT have agreed to the delivery of the scheme in two sections and it is eligible to full grant approval of £5m;


(ii) the Sherford Consortium agree to the availability of land; and


(iii) the Sherford Consortium will deliver Section B of the scheme;


(b) that the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Development and Waste and the local County Council Member, be given delegated authority to make minor amendments to the scheme design.


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