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This page lists the meetings for Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee.


Information about Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee

(1) To review the implementation of the Council’s existing policy and budget framework and ensure effective scrutiny of the Council’s Treasury Management Strategy and policies and consider the scope for new policies for the Council’s use and management of its resources and the discharge of its corporate and strategic services and governance arrangements and community safety activity, including emergency planning and the Council’s functions in the scrutiny of authorities responsible for crime and disorder strategies.

(2) To review the implementation of existing policies and to consider the scope for new policies with regard to all aspects of the discharge of the Council’s ‘place shaping and universal population services’ functions concerning the environment, economic activity and enterprise, integrated planning and transport and community services, including libraries, arts and cultural heritage of the County, an integrated youth service and post 16 education & skills;  

(3) To assess the effectiveness of decisions of the Cabinet in these areas of the Council’s statutory activity and relate overview and scrutiny to the achievement of the Council’s strategic priorities and objectives and of delivering best value in all its activities;

(4) To make reports and recommendations as appropriate arising from this area of overview and scrutiny.