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This page lists the meetings for Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee.


Information about Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee

The purpose of the Committee is:-


1. To promote sustainable, cost effective and efficient service delivery through a shared approach to resource and waste management in Devon.


2. To take ownership of and be responsible for the development, implementation and review of the Resource and Waste Management Strategy for Devon Action Plan.


3. To exercise those responsibilities delegated to the Committee and to make recommendations to the respective Authorities including through the Chief Executives and Leaders group on matters of strategic importance including future strategy, collection, treatment and disposal of wastes; and to implement and further develop initiatives as requested by this group and joint consultative committees.


4. To share resources wherever practicable, having due regard to the opportunities for economies of scale to ensure effective use of resources including joint procurement opportunities to deliver savings to the public purse.


5. To continue to develop and implement behavioural change & education initiatives to ensure that communities are well informed and are actively encouraged to maximise their opportunities for waste minimisation, reuse and recycling & composting.


6. To consider and adopt funding policies for the Committee's Budget.


7. To administer payments from the Committee's Budget in accordance with the County Council’s Financial Regulations to finance waste management activities; to receive accounts relating to Joint Schemes; and to consider the annual budget for the Committee.