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Notes of the Previous Board Meeting from 26 April 2022 pdf icon PDF 289 KB

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The notes of the previous Board meeting on 26 April 2022 were endorsed.


Urgent Items from the Health Protection Board

The Director of Public Health or their representative to report.

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The Director of Public Health advised that there were no urgent items for

escalation from the Health Protection Board.



Presentation from the Health Protection Board pdf icon PDF 575 KB

A presentation from the Health Protection Board on current issues, data and matters for information.

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The Board received a presentation  from the Health Protection Board on current issues, data and matters for information.


Matters included in the presentation (slides attached) and explanation which highlighted:


·         survey data methodology based on ONS infection surveys, hospital admissions, death and positivity rates;

·         summaries of the national and local Devon positions which showed a steady decline in infections, admissions (including intensive care) and deaths and the level of antibodies covering 99% of the population;

·         the Devon Dashboard would be updated shortly based on robust ONS survey results and the data mirrored the national picture; and

·         the headline points which showed that death rates were in-line with seasonal averages indicative of the effectiveness of the vaccine programme; and that long-covid remained a significant burden within the general population.


The Board noted the position.   


The dashboard pages available here:

UK summary: UK Summary England Summary | Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK (

Devon Dashboard: Coronavirus dashboard and data in Devon - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Interactive Map: Interactive map of cases | Coronavirus in the UK (


NHS Update

Darryn Allcorn – Chief Nursing Officer (CCG) to present on NHS pressures, admissions and vaccines data.

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The Dr Paul Johnson,  Chair of the Clinical Commissioning Group presented to the Board data on NHS pressures, admissions, hospitalisations and vaccine rates.


Of note, Dr Johnson highlighted that:


·         the number of positive cases in hospitals which was 47 (across CCG Devon’s Hospitals) a significant reduction by 80% from the previous month and of these only 1 was in intensive care, compared to 1/10 of admissions at the height of the pandemic;

·         staff absences due to C-19 was at 17% (302) compared to 50% at the height of the pandemic;

·         the spring booster programme covered the over 75s and the clinically vulnerable and 82% of those eligible had been vaccinated in line with the national rates;

·         interim JCVI guidance for the Autumn vaccination programme would include all front-line health and care staff and the over 65s; and

·         nationally the NHS had declared a step-down from Emergency to Level 3 status, which meant regional rather than national control and allowed for greater flexibility to manage resources, indicative of the lessening pressures.   


The Board noted the position.


Local and National Updates

The Director of Public Health to report on changes to the UK Health Security Agency.

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The Director of Public Health reported on changes to the UK Health Security Agency, commenting that the additional enhanced capacity (80 personnel)  to cover the South West was being reduced in-line with reduced budgets. However, ‘business as usual’ with collaborative working across agencies would continue and there remained cover for further local outbreaks with support for care homes and local care providers.     


in view of the sub variants of concern BA 4 and 5, the autumn booster programme could be stepped up if necessary.


The Board noted the position.  



Social Care and Homes pdf icon PDF 420 KB

Damian Furniss - Senior Manager of Policy, Performance & Involvement to present to the Board.

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Damian Furniss - Senior Manager of Policy Performance & Involvement presented to the Board (slides attached) on the position in the County Council’s Adult Social Care services. This covered


·         outbreaks in Devon since the pandemic,

·         comparative fatalities in care setting which had been significantly less than national levels due to a range of factors including early intervention by homes and support by the County Council (and other authorities) as outlined in the slides ‘Support from the Devon health and care system’ and investment to mitigate risks in care settings;

·         the level of vaccine uptake by care staff and residents which was in the upper quartile nationally; 

·         the challenges faced in recovery and the response to Covid-19 which continued now with business-as-usual, with an agreed escalation plan. Challenges included reduced emergency financial support/resources from Government and the impact this may have on providers.  


Board Members expressed their gratitude to health and care staff across all settings and their success in mitigating the worst impacts of the pandemic as encapsulated in the above presentation. The Board also recognised the role  of volunteers across all communities in Devon for their work and dedication under difficult circumstances and recognising that this work continued with the improving position now and into the future.  


The Board also noted that this was Paul Johnson’s last meeting as he was moving to a new role and Members thanked him for his service to this Board and his calm, measured and professional response/advice during the height of the pandemic.  The Board noted that Darryn Allcorn (Chief Nursing Officer) would replace Paul on the Board as the Devon CCG representative.


Public Questions / Other Questions for the Board

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There were no other questions raised for the Board.



Key Messages to be Communicated

The Board and Head of Communications and Media to consider any key messages to be communicated.

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The Board and Head of Communications and Media considered the key messages coming from the meeting.


These included: ‘although we are all learning to live with Covid, it hasn't gone away and people should continue to be mindful and respect those who still feel vulnerable. We want to thank the public for continuing to take up their vaccines and give a huge thank you to all those health and social care workers, backed by local communities and volunteers, who continue to look out for vulnerable people and who have worked so hard for so long to keep everyone, especially the most vulnerable, safe and well..’.






Date of Next Meeting - Scheduled for 20 June 2022

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Members noted the date of the next meeting as 20 June 2022 @ 2.30pm.