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Minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2021


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2021 were signed as a correct record.



Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chair should be considered at the meeting as matters of urgency.


Concerns have been raised regarding some Multi Academy Trusts reducing the amount of RE has been given in secondary school settings.  Research will be undertaken and an item brought back to the  June 2022 meeting.


Devon SACRE Membership Updates

Ed Pawson to report


Jeremy welcomed Elizabeth Underwood, Gurmit Kang and Jo Matthews to the meeting.



Transition of SACRE from Babcock/LDP to Devon County Council

Ed Pawson to report.


In response to a question regarding the transfer of available resources currently held by Babcock for teachers/schools, it was considered that this should be undertaken as soon as possible and not wait until the transfer date.  Information regarding the transfer would be shared with schools via the periodic newsletter and through Learn Teach Lead RE. 


It was noted that Samantha Chapman (Babcock) to attend the June 2022 meeting to talk about the transition to Devon County Council, to include the TUPE situation of staff and migration of resources.  It was felt that any changes must be well signposted to staff to ensure clarity.



Devon SACRE Constitution Review pdf icon PDF 510 KB

Ed Pawson to report.


A draft revised constitution of SACRE had been circulated relating to both Torbay and Devon groups.  Proposed changes to the membership included addition of a teacher representative representing Special Schools; to increase higher education membership from one to two members; addition of a representative from theological studies at either Exeter or Plymouth University.


It was generally considered that a wider representation of membership would be beneficial to the group.


A further proposal for change with regards to length of tenure to the group to be for four years to allow for a greater turnover of membership.  This could lead to a greater knowledge of the work undertaken by SACRE.  A second tenure of four years could be undertaken  but no longer than eight years in total.


The Chairman suggested that a working party to look at a revised constitution with terms of reference be established.    Specific issues to investigate would include membership;  length of tenure for Chairs and any mechanism  for longer membership in exceptional circumstances; annual rotation of Chair from each group.


During general discussion, it was noted that work commitments for some groups could make attendance more difficult and a cross over period could help transition.



Devon SACRE Logo Review pdf icon PDF 497 KB


During general discussion members considered the revised logo’s previously circulated  and expressed views about the different submissions which included the logo showing SACRE in different shades.  It was however felt that ‘RE’ should be the darker shade to the ‘SAC’. Members also expressed the view that a reworking of the current logo could be an interesting option.


It was agreed that the Chair discuss a reworking of the current logo in addition to the revised new artwork and a ‘Doodlepoll’ be sent to Members for their preference of logo.



Reviewing the Agreed Syllabus

Ed Pawson to report.


Jeremy reported that himself, Ed Pawson and Tatty Wilson had met with representatives from Torbay, Plymouth and Cornwall SACRE’s.  As Cornwall had  launched their new syllabus in 2021 so had not synchronised with the rest on the cycle of review.  Torbay, Plymouth and Devon would be revising syllabi in 2024 and it was anticipated a need for action to establish how the syllabus would be used and the impact on learning in schools.  It was noted that schools continue to  ?nd it extremely challenging to re-establish pre-pandemic patterns and sta? shortages resulted in little capacity for engagement in time consuming surveys and interviews.  It was recognised that SACREs do not have the budget for professional reports to be researched and written but it was recognised that there is an urgent need to ?nd out how the agreed syllabus is received/used and whether the outcome has improved learning in religion and world views.  Jeremy added that the  most likely time to be able to engage with teachers was considered the latter part of the summer term. 


Action from the meeting included Ed Pawson to explore the use of Learn Teach Lead RE Hubs to assess short term responses and in consultation with Tatty  to design a short survey to use with as wide a range of teachers as possible to gauge feedback.


Jeremy concluded that the joint SACRE group to meet again at the end of the spring 2022 term to look at the draft survey and options for funding a research project with the support of grant awarding bodies with a target of reporting to SACRE’s by the spring term 2023.


During general discussion members of the group commented about colleagues not always having adequate training to teach the subject. It was noted that training would be made available in a way to not add further pressures on leaders and staff and  Learn Teach Lead hubs were an invaluable resource.



The State of Hinduism in RE pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Report from Insight UK.


During discussion, the group expressed concern that some examination boards did not provide Hinduism as a GCSE option.  It  was therefore agreed that Ed Pawson write to Department for Education to encourage other examination boards to provide GCSE Hinduism.


Concerns were also made regarding misconceptions included within education resources.  It was suggested that RE Today be asked to produce an article to draw attention to  misconceptions are within education resources and that  the AQA examination board be contacted to request that inaccuracies are corrected and that misconceptions be deleted.



Learn Teach Lead RE update

Ed Pawson to report.


The group expressed their gratitude to Learn Teach Lead hubs for the excellent support offered to schools.  The Chairman thanked Hub Leaders on behalf of SACRE and also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for their work especially during the Covid pandemic.


National Developments: Report on Ofsted Inspections of RE, National Funding Gap for RE. pdf icon PDF 211 KB

Ed Pawson to report.


The group were encouraged to send letters to their MP expressing their views regarding the funding situation. 


Holocaust Memorial Day: Feedback

Ed Pawson to report.


The Chairman expressed his thanks to all that had supported the Holocaust Memorial Day and the excellent resources available on line for schools.  Colleagues explained about various events that had taken place and reiterated the excellent on line resources.


Diversity Training

Ed Pawson to report.


Item deferred for discussion to next meeting of Devon SACRE in June 2022.


Future SACRE Meetings

The next meeting of SACRE will be held on Wednesday 15 June 2022. 


The online South West SACRE Conference will be held on Monday 28 February 2022


The next meeting of Devon SACRE will be held on Wednesday 15 June 2022.


The South West Conference will be held on Monday 28 February 2022 on-line