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Minutes of the meeting held on 1 July 2021


The minutes of the meeting held on 1 July 2021 were signed as a correct record.


Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chair should be considered at the meeting as matters of urgency.


There were no items requiring urgent attention.




Devon SACRE Membership Updates

Ed Pawson to report.


The group noted that there was currently a vacancy for a member representing the Muslim community on the group.  It was also noted that the Chairman and Ed Pawson would visit the mosque on Monday 22 November and would discuss the vacancy. 



Ed Pawson to report.


Ed Pawson reported that the administration of SACRE would be transferred back to Devon County Council at the end of the school year 2021/2022. All systems and materials available on the website are currently run through Babcock.  Further information about the transition to be discussed at the next meeting of the group in February 2022

Ed Pawson thanked the Chairman for his support.


It was questioned when meetings would be in person.  The group heard that the next meeting would be online and that a review would take place in the spring regarding whether in person attendance at subsequent meetings would take place in line with Covid 19 guidelines.



Devon SACRE Constitution Review

Ed Pawson to report.


It was noted that the constitution is currently out of date. Devon County Council set the constitution in an agreement with SACRE. 


It was also noted that Group A of the Devon SACRE included representatives of pagan and humanist group which had not been the case of all SACRE’s.


The group were invited to contact Ed Pawson if they wished to join the working party to review the constitution.


Devon SACRE Logo Review pdf icon PDF 1 MB



A letter of appreciation had been sent to schools that had submitted artwork for the logo review.


During general discussion most of the group considered  preference of a new logo would be without religious symbols. It was felt important that politics and religion be separate in the teaching in schools but that world views should be reflected.


The group continued to discuss preference of logo design and the following was not favoured for inclusion:

·       Not to include just Devon

·       Not to include fingers in the design

·       Not to include flags

·       Not to include religious symbols relating to one belief


It was generally felt that Ed Pawson to refer the logo’s back to the schools with feedback but, that the favoured logo to be a simple design with the words Devon SACRE included. 



Learn Teach Lead RE update: Conference Hub Meetings

Ed Pawson to report.


All Hub meetings had been conducted online during the term and had supported primary and secondary school teachers across the County. It was recognised that the Learn Teach Lead web pages promoted sharing tips and information for schools and offered a wealth of guidance and advice.


Ed Pawson reported that the Learn Teach Lead conference held on 18 October had been a success with 120 attendees.  Key speakers included The Bishop of Exeter (Christian/Church of England), Zameer Hussain (Shi’a Islam), Ant Hamilton (Pagan/Wicca) and Anastasia Somerville-Wong (Humanist/Interfaith). 


During general discussion about the importance of incorporating Early Years, a representative would be invited to Learn Teach Lead hubs.


Ed Pawson gave an overview of the Learn Teach Lead evaluation report  2021 which gave 23 recommendations relating to:- Communication; hub attendance; hub meeting administration; hub leadership; training for hub leaders; wider links.  A further report would be submitted to the June 2022 meeting for discussion.  It was noted that SACRE supports Learn Teach Lead financially.


Interfaith Week: Creating Connections, RE and Collective Worship Resources

Ed Pawson to report.


The latest newsletter had been circulated to schools. Delegates had been given the opportunity to meet in person at the Interfaith Network meeting where networking and new contacts had been encouraged with the local media. 


Resources were available to help increase pupils’ understanding of the skills for interfaith encounter. It was also noted that ‘Prevent’ sessions would be organised in due course.


Belinda Twigg reported that she had been asked to contribute to Radio Devon’s Sunday morning show.


National Developments: Worldviews RE Curriculum Framework Project, Survey on Religions and Worldviews pdf icon PDF 280 KB



SACRE had put in a new syllabus in 2019 and schools were now half way through a five year syllabus.  The  review is imminent for the start of a new syllabus for 2024 and in light of the report there is a shift in RE to look at RE/World views. The Religious Education Council website announced a grant of £150,000 to them from the Templeton World Charity Foundation to fund looking at a new curriculum looking more closely at delivering a curriculum to look at world views.  It was noted that funding would be put to creating a toolkit of materials to be used by syllabus writers.  Conversations will be an ongoing task for SACRE up to 2024 with a statutory need to review each five years.


During general discussion, it  was noted that changes in syllabus were sometimes difficult to manage in schools and a minimum shift in change of curriculum would be welcome. It was also noted that the introduction of small changes gradually would be beneficial.


The group noted that Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, in collaboration with Savanta, surveyed the British public on their views of the bene?ts of understanding religious or non-religious worldviews, and the role of RE in schools. From 2,000 responses from UK based adults two thirds considered it was important to understand the beliefs of others and that RE is part of the school curriculum. The survey had been carried out with a mission to support school grouping to produce a high quality world views education.  A barrier in schools and to the Department of Education being that Religious education is not fully valued in the education system.  


In response to a members question about raising the merits of SACRE with other public bodies, Ed Pawson commented that he would be happy to scope a short statement that could be offered  to Elected Members to share to emphasise the importance of RE in local schools.


During general discussion it  was noted that RE is a key vehicle for racial integration and community cohesion and Elected Members would be welcomed to engage with schools to make society more comfortable.  It was emphasised that the definition of worship was the spiritual act of faith and RE the statutory subject in schools.



Holocaust Memorial Day

Ed Pawson to report.


Resources and ideas for Holocaust Memorial Day would be shared with all schools in addition to a short video produced.

It was anticipated that a commemoration would be held in Exeter Cathedral on 27 January 2022.


Anti-racism, Diversity Training

Ed Pawson to report.


Ed Pawson commented that he would scope the possibility of diversity training for SACRE members for further discussion at the next meeting.


Future SACRE Meetings


Thursday 17 February 2022

Wednesday 15 June 2022

SW SACRE Conference (pm online) Monday 28 February 2022


It was agreed that the dates for the forthcoming year be as follows:


Thursday 17 February 2022

Wednesday 15 June 2022


The South West SACRE online conference - Monday 28 February 2022 1.30pm – 4.30pm