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Minutes of the meeting held on 11 February 2021 (previously circulated)


The Minutes of the meeting held on 13 February 2020 were signed as a correct record.



Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chair should be considered at the meeting as matters of urgency.


There was no matter raised as a matter of urgency.



Devon SACRE Membership update

Ed Pawson to report


The membership showing the four groups had been updated to show the new Members to the group.  It was noted that Maia and John were co-opted members of the group.  


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting



NASACRE report on SACRE Funding pdf icon PDF 365 KB

Report of NASACRE attached.


In referring to the letter from the Secretary of State in 2019 highlighting the need to allocate at least 2% of the CSSB in order for it to carry out its duties, the group made a number of comments:


·       It was concurred that SACRE’s should be funded adequately in order that RS is supported in education settings

·       Lack of funding could result in a reduction in the ability to monitor the study of RS

·       Currently Torbay Council provides 0.8% of funding and further information about DCC contribution would be brought back to the next meeting.


During general discussion the group heard that the levels of pupils entered for RS ranged from 11% - 77% nationally.  Data showed that 21% of Year 11 pupils in Devon entered the full RS course. 


It was questioned as to why so few pupils had been entered for GCSE throughout the 43 secondary schools.  It was suggested that this could be a result of a particular demographic.  The data showed 91% white British and 10% BAME. 10% of pupils educated in a setting with a religious character.  Where there is a strong religious community, more pupils take the subject to examination level.


In response to a question about post degree qualifications, data was not available.


The group commented about the importance of promoting SACRE through the Head Teachers.  This would be through periodic briefings by Ed and Jeremy.



Devon SACRE Annual Report pdf icon PDF 413 KB

Draft report attached.


In referring to the Annual Report 2020/2021 which covered activity and updates it was noted that Learn Teach Lead hubs were important as a means of support to settings across the County.


During general discussion, School Governors should be encouraged to put challenging questions to their settings and training will continue to be carried out with School Governors Services. It was also felt important to promote RS in schools as  this could have a more positive effect on other community issues.



Devon SACRE Annual Report pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Constitution review document attached.


During general discussion, it was suggested rebranding RE to Religious World Views to include teaching broader issues.


Devon SACRE Logo Review pdf icon PDF 16 KB

Proposed logo attached.


Members reviewed the current logo, which had been the winning design of a pupil from a Sidmouth School a  number of years ago and considered that a new logo be sought by the same means.  Ed to draw up a brief for production of a new logo that will be easy to reproduce and invite entries throughout Devon schools.


Learn Teach Lead - Funding update

Ed Pawson to report.


Members’ discussion points included the difficulties that teachers experience in attending Hub meetings after schools’ hours.  Online sessions have proved useful for sharing knowledge and CPD is available through the hubs for colleagues.


During general discussion it was suggested that a Hub Leader could offer a short informal presentation/conversation during the regular staff meeting sessions.  Ed would investigate this suggestion. 


It was proposed, seconded and AGREED that SACRE contribute £1,000 to fund Devon LTLRE Hubs and Hub leaders to support the CPD it provides for teachers.




Interfaith work - Events, RE and Collective Worship Resources

Ed Pawson to report.


Interfaith Week in 2021 was scheduled for the week 14-21 November and information can be found on the ‘Inter Faith network website’.



National Developments - Ofsted research report, RE Today anti-racist resources

Ed Pawson to report.


Ed showed Members a new animated video ‘Nobody Stands Nowhere’ (available at to illustrate the importance of worldviews education and asked that they consider how this tool could be used  in the classroom with students.  The short film was well received and was considered by the group to be very engaging.  


Members’ heard that Dr Kueh carried out an online discussion of   Ofsted’s RE research review in May.  The review set out the legal context of RE and inspection arrangements and reminded schools that they are required to teach RE to all pupils at all key stages. He questioned what professional development is available to ensure that good subject knowledge is offered and it was noted that Devon SACRE has recommended that schools integrate some of the anti-racist RE learning materials, produced by ‘RE Today’, into their RE syllabus.




Holocaust Memorial Day: Planning

Ed Pawson to report.


In referring to the Holocaust Memorial Day 2022, Ed reported that he had been working as a Mentor to Joe Kinnaird.  Topics included being covered at schools:  Year 9, Jewish theodicies in response to the Shoah; Year 8 Nietzsche and ‘God is dead’; Year 12 Philosophy of death.


Keith Denby reported that the North Devon Association of Jewish refugees would be planting an oak tree as a memorial on the day.  Ed suggested involving local schools.  Keith also reported that the Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) would be recognising events during the day through social media. 


SW SACRE conference 2021: report

Ed Pawson to report.


Members discussed that it had been a useful conference and useful to continue to connect with colleagues.


NASACRE conference 2021

Ed Pawson to report.


Members noted that the keynote being ‘decolonising the curriculum, achieving greater awareness of historical and worldview literacy’.


Future SACRE Meetings

Future SACRE Meetings:


Thursday 18 November 2021,

Thursday 17 February 2022,

Wednesday 15 June 2022



During discussion, Members’ expressed a preference to hold the next meeting online on the 18 November 2021.