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Minutes pdf icon PDF 161 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 20 October 2022, attached.

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20 October 2022 be signed as a correct record.





Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chair should be considered at the meeting as matters of urgency.

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There were no items requiring urgent attention.



COVID-19 Update

Verbal update from the Director of Public Health.

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The Director of Public Health updated the Board on the current position relating to Covid-19 and influenza.


As to Covid-19, current data (w/e 3 January) from the DCC Covid-19 Dashboard showed that: 1 in 25 people had Covid-19 in the South West; 96 patients were in Devon hospitals; six deaths had been registered; and 72.5% people aged 12 or over had had three doses of vaccination.  Infections rates were now coming down from a peak at the end of December. Further data was available in the data links below.


National data showed a peak of influenza at the end of the year, with rates now falling. Data from the two previous winters showed very little flu in circulation, and peaks were now similar to that seen in 2018/2019, although current data showed higher rates of hospitalisations.


Further afield, there was a new Covid-19 subvariant XBB.1.5 rapidly spreading across the USA, which was being monitored closely; pre-departure tests (voluntary) had been put in place for those entering the UK from China; and anyone hospitalised with Covid-19 were being asked if they had travelled from China in the last 14 days.


Although Covid-19 was showing a downward trajectory, surveillance continued and where necessary additional measures put in place.


Data was available at:


DCC Covid-19 Dashboard: Coronavirus dashboard and data in Devon -

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


National Coronavirus Tracker: Daily summary | Coronavirus in the UK



National Coronavirus Interactive Map: Interactive Map |

Coronavirus in the UK (




Devon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy: Priorities and Outcomes Update pdf icon PDF 96 KB

Report of the Director of Public Health, which reviews progress against the overarching priorities identified in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Devon 2020-2025.

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The Board noted the Report from the Director of Public Health, on the performance for the Board, which monitored the priorities identified in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Devon 2020-25.


The indicator list and performance summary within the full report set out the priorities, indicators and indicator types, and included a trend line, highlighting change over time.


The latest Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report, along with this paper, was available on the Devon Health and Wellbeing website.


The Report monitored the four Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-25 priorities, and included breakdowns by local authority, district and trends over time. These priorities areas included:


·         Create opportunities for all

·         Healthy safe, strong and sustainable communities

·         Focus on mental health

·         Maintain good health for all


The following indicators had been updated since the last report to the Board:


·         Adult Smoking Prevalence, 2023 (not including vaping)

·         Suicide Rate, 2019/21


Discussion and questions from the Board and Officers included:


-       Officers would report back on statistics relating to occupation and suicide rates.

-       Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were keen to support and contribute to the strategic priorities.

-       Access to mental health services - it was known that the majority of suicides in Devon had not engaged with any public services.

-       There was a lot of deprivation and remoteness in some areas of Devon, coupled with lone agricultural working, low employment and seasonal work that could be linked to the high rates of suicide in Devon.

-       The importance of raising awareness of the support available.

-       A suicide audit was undertaken which did collect background data.

-       Healthwatch Devon were currently conducting a survey for people to share their experiences of accessing public services and the feedback from this would be shared with the Board at a later date.


The Board, having received the last report on Suicide at their July 2022 meeting, requested future annual updates as from the July 2023 meeting.






Better Care Fund Update pdf icon PDF 197 KB

Report of the Head of Integrated Adult Social Care Commissioning (Interim).

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The Board received the Update Report of the Head of Integrated Adult Social Care Commissioning (Interim) on the Better Care Fund, covering latest performance.


The Better Care Fund (BCF) was the mandatory policy to facilitate integration between Health and Social Care, providing a framework for joint planning and commissioning. The BCF brought together ring-fenced budgets from NHS allocations, ring-fenced BCF grants from Government, the Disabled Facilities Grant and voluntary contributions from local government budgets.  The Health and Wellbeing Board had oversight of the BCF and was accountable for its delivery.


The Report:


·         Provided an update on BCF planning requirements for 2022/23

·         Summarised the planning requirements submitted in respect of the Adult Social Care (ASC) Discharge Fund

·         Provided an update on progress on both the main planning requirements and ASC Discharge Fund

·         Provided a case study for information, on the Community Catalysts scheme, funded by the BCF in Devon.


Discussion and questions covered:


·         Residential Admissions – eligibility assessments were carried out to determine funding.

·         Workforce continued to be a key challenge across the care sector, with a lot of work going on with NHS colleagues, for example on salary benchmarking, overseas recruitment, branding, care sector apprenticeships etc.

·         The care sector continued to face significant challenges, and a longer term sustainable funding solution was required to enable long term planning.

·         Hospital discharge arrangements were discussed, the increase in market demand, and the work to help people stay independent.


RESOLVED that the Board note the progress on the BCF in 2022/23 and endorses the plan for the use of the Adult Social Care Discharge Fund in 2022/23.



Torbay and Devon Safeguarding Adults Partnership Annual Report pdf icon PDF 306 KB

Annual Report attached.

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The Board received the Annual Report of the Torbay and Devon Safeguarding Adults Partnership (TDSAP) 2021/22.  The Annual Report included the following sections:


·         Purpose

·         Structure

·         Partnership Membership

·         Safeguarding Activity

·         TDSAP Priorities 2021-24

·         Key Partner Achievements


The strategic priorities for the TDSAP and published in their 2021-24 Business Plan were:


·         To embed the learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews into organisational practice;

·         To work with partners to better understand and reduce the risk of ‘Hidden Harm’, especially in the context of Covid-19;

·         To improve outcomes for people with needs for care and support by finding the right solution for them; and

·         Improving Involvement and Engagement with people in receipt of safeguarding services.


Of particular highlight in the report was the newly formed Performance and quality Assurance Subgroup which supported the TDSAP, taking a strategic overview of the performance and quality of safeguarding activity across Torbay and Devon.


The Chair of the TDSAP wished to extend and record his thanks to all agencies involved for their continued contribution to the TDSAP and its Subgroups.


Further information on the Board’s work including the Safeguarding Board Annual Report was available on the Torbay and Devon Safeguarding Adults Partnership website.





Integrated Care Strategy for Devon pdf icon PDF 128 KB

Report and presentation by NHS Devon.

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The Board considered the Report of NHS Devon on the One Devon Interim Integrated Care Strategy, which had been developed on behalf of the One Devon Partnership.  Officers shared a presentation which gave an overview of the Strategy (attached).


Core aims of the Strategy were to:


1.    Improve outcomes in population health and healthcare.

2.    Tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience and access.

3.    Enhance productivity and value for money.

4.    Help the NHS support broader social and economic development.


The Strategy covered:


·         The Devon context.

·         The themes that had emerged from recent health and other system engagement.

·         The needs analysis, set out as the 12 Devon challenges.

·         The strategic goals, which had been developed and refined following engagement with Overview and Scrutiny Committees, Local Care Partnerships, and the One Devon Partnership.

·         The conditions for success including creating an environment for success, ensuring robust system enablers, and transforming key areas.


The One Devon Integrated Care Partnership would need to work closely with all sectors, including primary care, carers, VCSE, public health, housing, employers and education to deliver the strategic goals set out in the strategy.


The Interim Strategy had been shared with all system partners at the end of December 2022 and would form part of an annual refresh process.


The next step was for a formal response by means of a Joint Forward Plan (JFP) to be prepared by Integrated Care Boards and partner trusts with system partners.  An initial JFP had to be prepared before 1 April 2023, with the NHS Devon Board having statutory responsibility for its sign-off prior to publication on 30 June 2023.


The Interim Strategy and the JFP would together form the Devon Plan.


The Board were being asked to review the strategic goals and advise on lead responsibility for responding to the wider system goals; and to confirm the process for response.


Discussions, questions and observations with the Board and Officers included:


·         Concern at the tight timeframe and available resources to meet the agenda targets.

·         Although conversations carried out with the Voluntary and Community Sector had not translated fully into the appendix document, both documents would be refreshed annually and engagement would continue.

·         Officers would revert to Councillor Letch on the question of unpaid carers and the eligibility assessment for carer’s allowance.

·         Feedback would be welcomed on Tell the Story Once, particularly from people accessing services.


The Board agreed that the Director of Public Health would meet with the ICB Strategy lead to identify key system leads to take responsibility for responding to the wider system goals (Housing, Employment, Public Health, and Community Development) of the Interim Strategy.






Tobacco Dependency pdf icon PDF 527 KB

Briefing from Public Health Devon.

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The Board received the briefing paper and a presentation from Public Health Devon on Tobacco Dependency, which set out:


-       Why treating tobacco dependency in Devon was important.

-       What the current key policies were.

-       Tobacco dependency in Devon.

-       What was already happening in Devon to treat tobacco dependency.


Although most people did not smoke, smoking was a leading cause of preventable illness and the single largest cause of preventable deaths. Tobacco related illness was largely preventable through public health and NHS action on smoking and tobacco addiction.  These interventions would also help tackle other long term illness and social disadvantage. Tackling tobacco dependency had benefits for individuals, their families, health and social care services and local economies.


Overall smoking prevalence in Devon adults was lower than England, but was still more than twice the 2030 target of 5%, and higher in some priority populations. 


Members’ questions and discussion with Officers included:


-       NRT was an acronym for nicotine replacement therapy.

-       Holistic and complimentary therapies e.g. hypnotherapy, was not in the NICE guidance and not considered currently.

-       Public Health were working with Education in a school communication addressing the concerns of vaping in young people.



NHS Devon - Update pdf icon PDF 102 KB

January Update, attached.

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The Board noted the update from NHS Devon which provided Devon-wide and national developments within the NHS. It was intended to provide the Board with summary information to ensure Members were kept abreast of important developments.


Highlights of the update included:


-       Management of Industrial Action

-       South West Learning Disability and Autism Capital Inpatient Development

-       Urgent Care improvement and winter resilience

-       Integrated Quality and Performance update




Dates of Future Meetings

Future meeting dates are included in the Council’s Meetings Calendar.


Next meeting: 13 April 2023


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Future meeting dates of the Board can be found on the Council’s website - Browse meetings - Health and Wellbeing Board - Democracy in Devon.


Next meeting – 13 April 2023