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Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

 (NB: In accordance with the Council’s Constitution the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of this Committee must be a County Councillor.  County Councillors only may vote).


RESOLVED  that Councillors Hawkins and Croad be elected Chair and Vice-Chair respectively for the ensuing year.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 1 April 2016 attached.  


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 1 April 2016  be signed as a correct record.



Terms of Reference

To note the Committee’s Terms of Reference:


-To receive briefings from and discuss with the relevant Locality Development Officer (who will act as Lead Officer to the Committee) and with other officers as necessary specific service and community issues and projects within the district and to make recommendations to the Cabinet on appropriate action.


-To improve information and communication with the public about its access to County Council services in the area and to monitor its performance in the delivery of these services.


-To develop and ensure effective partnership working with the City, District or Borough.  Council (as the case may be) and other partners in the discharge of local functions.


-To undertake any additional responsibilities and allocate budgets which may be delegated by the Cabinet from time to time.


-To consider, if required, any grant or award proposed by individual members from locality budget funds allocated by the Cabinet in line with the Locality Budget Operating Principles (set out at in the Council’s Constitution Part 3).


-To express a vision for the areas reflecting cohesion principles and community views, demonstrate understanding of the make-up of the community and champion the participation of under-represented groups and promote integration of different groups.  


-To administer those educational trusts in the Committee’s area for which the County Council is Trustee.


The Locality Committee terms of reference were noted, this being the first meeting of the new Council.



South West Youth Games pdf icon PDF 2 MB

SW Youth Games representatives to report (Chris Broadbent, Chief Executive and Jon Parkinson, Committee Member).


The Committee received a presentation by Mr C Broadbent (SW Youth Games Chief Executive) and Mr J Parkinson (S Hams District Council), on the Olympic-style county-wide competition launched in 1999 for children and young people aged 8 – 18 years.    Lottery Funding was lost in 2014 but the Games survived and were re-energised with charitable status, and from 2015 to 2017 had 10,000 young people attending the trials and training events, 1000 competitors and 350 volunteers. The Games introduced participants to a sport or activity at a level under County standard and involved a number of targeted groups that did not usually get the opportunity to take part in such events.


Alongside retaining the original competitiveness of the Games, the new Games even further promoted inclusion and participation (both competitive and non-competitive) to include a celebration and festival style sporting event  open for all irrespective of ability or gender (including an increasing disability sports programme), to inspire all young people  to enjoy and become involved in physical activity and to participate in and join all year round community sport activity clubs and to support national and local multi-agency objectives of meeting the challenges of:

- the child obesity crisis;

- low rates of physical activity;

- increased mental health issues/depression; and 

- encouraging the positive effects in general health and wellbeing of regular exercise and

  sport for all.


Ambitions for 2018 included continued expansion and to build long-term financial security through a collaborative approach with agencies - thus requesting support in line with the County Council’s objectives and maximise funding opportunities and common outcomes of improved general health and wellbeing.


From the South Hams perspective, Mr Parkinson explained that South Hams District Council supported the Games through its Leisure Centre contractor and the District Council was happy to work with the Games co-ordinator to identify suitable venues for events.  Councillor Hodgson also explained the work of the Totnes Rural Area Youth Engagement (TRAYE) Project which had promoted activities over the last two summers and would welcome any reciprocal involvement with the Games to promote common goals.


The presentation gave members an opportunity to consider how it might be most appropriate to support this, both locally and through county wide initiatives, with the Games representatives seeking a modest contribution from Councillors’ respective locality budgets this financial year to assist the continued involvement of South Hams young people as the Games moved to a more self-sustainable model in the next three years.





Devon County Council Community Strategy pdf icon PDF 916 KB

Draft strategy attached for members’ information.  Members are invited to contact Steve Edwards Strategic Engagement Manager, Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity if there are any points they wish to discuss




Members were invited to contact Steve Edwards Strategic Engagement Manager, Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity if there were any points on the draft Strategy they wished to discuss or put forward




Dates for Future Meetings

Please use link below for County Council Calendar of Meetings:


Members noted the dates of future meetings in line with the Councils calendar of meetings


atFollaton House (Fridays):-

20 April 2018

6 July 2018

23 November 2018

5 April 2019


Members also identified the following for a future meeting:-

Travellers and Sites, South Hams.