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Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 October 2020 (previously circulated)

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RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 October 2020 be signed as a correct record. 



Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chairman should be considered at the meeting as matters of urgency.

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No item was raised as a matter of urgency.




County Matter: Teignbridge District: Planning application for the 'Importation of 350,000m3 of inert soils and topsoil for the land raising of previously disturbed land that is not capable of sustaining commercial agriculture', Lower Hare Farm, Lane from Higher Hare towards Alderbed Copse, Whitestone pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/20/39), attached


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(Richard Agnew (agent for applicant), Richard Payne and Nigel Smith (by phone) attended under the Public Participation Scheme and spoke in support of the application; and Dr Rob Murdock, Bertie Hawkins, Penny Mills and Philip Nierop attended under the Scheme and spoke in objection to the application).


The Committee considered the Report of the Chief Planner ((PTE/20/39) on an inert waste land raising operation, proposing the disposal of 350,000 cubic metres of inert waste soil and topsoil over a ten years period in order to improve the agricultural properties of the land.  The Report had been amended by a supplementary report as a result of new information from the Environment Agency amending Paragraph 6.10 in the 7th line, replace “553 cubic metres”  with “287,222 cubic metres”; and Paragraph 6.11 in the 2nd line, replace “1.8 years” with “0.9 years”. The Chief Planner also reported on  further representations in objection to the application received since the publication of the Report. 


The Chief Planner’s Report gave a reasoned assessment of the proposal, referring to all relevant policies and summarising the comments and views of interested parties received prior to the meeting.  


Member discussions and questions to the Chief Planning Officer included reference to the Environmental Impact Assessment, site access, highways and proximity issues, landscape and visual impact, restoration and the conditions pertaining, slope stability, lighting, health and air quality, use of the offsite biodiversity proposed contribution, capacity, need and the waste hierarchy.  


Councillor A Connett MOVED and Councillor J Hodgson SECONDED that, as the application would degrade rather than conserve and enhance the landscape character and visual amenity of the Haldon Hills Area of Great Landscape Value and as the significant adverse effects would not be mitigated to acceptable levels, the application be refused, as it is contrary to Policies W2, W12 and W18 of the Devon Waste Plan, Policy EN2A of the Teignbridge Local Plan and NPPF paragraphs 130 and 170.


The MOTION was put to the vote and declared LOST.


The matter having been debated and having regard to the main material planning policies and requirements, it was


MOVED by Councillor J Brook, SECONDED by Councillor T Inch and   


RESOLVED that subject to the applicant entering into a legal agreement providing for: a contribution of £12,839.75 towards offsite biodiversity net gain; carbon offsetting measures; and appropriate mitigation for the impact on Whitestone Bridleway 14, planning permission be granted subject to the conditions set out in Appendix I (with the removal of Condition 20 relating to lighting of the site) of this Report (with any subsequent minor changes to the conditions being agreed in consultation with the Chair and Local County Councillor).


(N.B. In accordance with Standing Order 32(4) Councillor A Connett   requested that his vote in favour of his motion and against the decision taken be recorded) 






Minerals and Waste Development Framework: Bovey Basin Strategy: Member Engagement pdf icon PDF 260 KB

Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/20/40), attached




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The Committee considered the Report of the Chief Planner (PTE/20/40) on

the context for the preparation of the Bovey Basin Strategy and the proposed approach with regard to Member engagement.


The Devon Minerals Plan 2011 - 2033 set out the requirement for the County Council to prepare a masterplan for the Bovey Basin ball clay operations.  Specifically, it had stated in para 4.2.18:


“This masterplan will be prepared in partnership with the mineral operators and other relevant organisations and local communities, to inform the consideration of future planning applications and periodic reviews of existing planning permissions, including site management and restoration proposals”


The main aim and purpose of the Bovey Basin Strategy was to provide a strategic, overarching approach to inform the development of the Bovey Basin over the next 100 years which was joined up, consistent and coordinated between the key stakeholders and delivery partners.


The Report outlined the Strategy Area and the proposed composition of the Member Consultative Group


It was MOVED by Councillor J Brook, SECONDED by Councillor T Inch and


RESOLVED that the proposal to form a Local Member Consultative Group (as detailed in the Report) to enable appropriate Member engagement during the preparation of the Bovey Basin Strategy be approved.




Delegated Action - Schedules (to include ROMPS Actions) and Summary Schedule pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/20/41), attached.


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The Committee received the report of the Chief Planner (PTE/20/41) of action taken under delegated powers.