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Meeting: 14/09/2016 - Cabinet (Item 72)

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Report of the County Treasurer (CT/16/72) on the position at Month 4, attached. 


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(Councillors Biederman, Brazil, Connett, Greenslade, Julian and Westlake attended in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item).


The Cabinet considered the Report of the County Treasurer (CT/16/72) on the position at Month 4 outlining those areas where there were specific pressures on budgets, potential under- and over-spendings in the current financial year and on management action being taken where individual budget lines were experiencing pressures.  

The Cabinet noted that, overall, the forecast for revenue spending at year-end showed a  projected overspend of £7,900,000 arising in the main from potential overspending of £7,300,000 in People’s Services and in particular Adult Social Care. Children’s Social Work and Child Protection showed an overspend of £1,300,000 while Education & Learning had projected a net overspend of £721,000. Place Services were currently indicating an overspend at outturn of £572,000 and while a balanced outturn was forecast for Corporate Services there were pressures in those areas that would require careful management.

The County Treasurer’s Report outlined the causes of the potential overspending and the action being taken to bring spending back in line with budget provision at year-end including regular meetings with relevant Cabinet Members to review forward financial forecasts and consider management action to minimise identified financial pressures.

Cabinet Members also acknowledged representations at the meeting that the pressures faced by the County Council were exacerbated by rising demand and other external factors and a shortfall of Government funding, suggestion also that all-party representations to Government might prove beneficial. The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Health also referred to representations made by him to the Department of Communities & Local Government - on behalf of all South West Council’s with responsibility for adult services - on the underfunding of that service area, generally. 

In relation to capital expenditure, spending was estimated at £144,700,000 with slippage of £14,500,000 in a number of schemes including the South Devon Link Road, A39 Roundswell Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge, Marland School and Marsh Barton Railway station.

The matter having been debated and the options and/or alternatives and other relevant factors set out in the County Treasurer’s Report and/or referred to above having been considered


It was MOVED by Councillor Clatworthy, SECONDED by Councillor Hart, and


RESOLVED that the position based on Month 4 be noted.