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Meeting: 16/01/2020 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 144)

144 Devon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy: Priorities and Outcomes Monitoring pdf icon PDF 85 KB

Report of the Chief Officer for Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity, which reviews progress against the overarching priorities identified in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Devon 2020 – 2025.


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The Board considered a Report from the Chief Officer for Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity on the performance for the Board, which monitored the priorities identified in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Devon 2020-25.


The Report was themed around the four Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-25 priorities and included breakdowns by South West benchmarking, local authority district and local authority comparator group.  These priority areas included:


·       Create opportunities for all;

·       Healthy, safe, strong and sustainable communities;

·       Focus on mental health; and

·       Maintain good health for all.


The following indicators below had all been identified as being significantly worse compared to the national average at a Devon level:


·       Good level of development

·       GCSE attainment

·       Fuel poverty

·       Dwellings with category 1 hazards

·       Suicide

·       Self-harm admissions

·       Alcohol specific admissions in under 18s

·       Reablement coverage

·       Estimated dementia diagnosis rate


The outcomes report was also available on the Devon Health and Wellbeing website


The Board, in discussion, highlighted and asked questions on;


·       The percentage of relating to the Level of Good Development for 2019 had increased to 72.7%, above national average, South West and statistical neighbours;

·       The Level of Good Development (Free School Meals) had also increased by 6.3% in 2019;

·       The level of GCSE attainment had also improved in 2019 and Devon was achieving better than the national average in English and Maths;

·       However, it was noted there was still a gap and challenge relating to pupils with Free School Meals;

·       There was still a lot of variations across the County, with North Devon and Torridge noted as being performing lower in most areas, including GCSE attainment, Good Level of Development, Fuel Poverty and dementia diagnosis rates;

·       Dementia diagnosis rates were still an area of concern, with difficulties in increasing the rates of early diagnosis and work was ongoing with Primary Care and how to better inform the public about the importance of early diagnosis; and

·       The Board noted there was not a large number of Mental Health indicators and that it was difficult to find good quality indicators.


It was MOVED by Councillor Leadbetter, SECONDED by Dr Pearson, and


RESOLVED that the performance report be noted and accepted and the refreshed Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report, which reflected the priorities in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-25, be supported by the Board.