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Public Rights of Way Committee

26 February 2015

Definitive Map Review 2014- 2015 Parish of Pancrasweek

Recommendation: It is recommended that it be noted that the Definitive Map Review has been completed in the parish of Pancrasweek and no modifications are required. 1. Summary

The report examines the Definitive Map Review in the parish of Pancrasweek in Torridge District.

2. Background

The original survey, under s. 27 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949, revealed two footpaths in Pancrasweek, which were recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement, Holsworthy & Broadwoodwidger Rural District with the relevant date of 1 July 1958.

The review of the Definitive Map, under s. 33 of the 1949 Act, which commenced in the 1970s, but was never completed, produced no proposals for change to the map in the parish.

The Limited Special Review of Roads Used as Public Paths (RUPPS), also carried out in the 1970s, did not affect this parish.

In 2005 a Creation Agreement was made creating Footpath No. 3 along the Bude Aqueduct, making this the longest footpath in Devon.

The current Review began in April 2014 with a special public meeting held in the Parish Hall Pancrasweek, attended by about 30 people.

3. Proposals

There are no valid proposals.

4. Consultations

Public consultation was carried out and the review was advertised in the parish and in the Holsworthy Post.

The responses were as follows:-

County Councillor B Parsons - no comment

Torridge Devon District Council - no comment

Pancrasweek Parish Council - no proposals

British Horse Society - no comment

Byways and Bridleways Trust - no comment

Country Land & Business Association - no comment

Open Spaces Society - no comment

Ramblers' Association - no proposals

Trail Riders' Fellowship - no comment

No valid proposals arose as a result of the consultation.

5. Financial Considerations

Financial implications are not relevant considerations to be taken into account under the provision of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The Authority's cost associated with Modification Orders, including Schedule 14 appeals, the making of Orders and subsequent determinations are met from the general public rights of way budget in fulfilling our statutory duties.

6. Legal Considerations

The implications/consequences of the recommendation have been taken into account in the preparation of the report.

7. Risk Management Considerations

No risks have been identified.

8. Equality, Environmental Impact and Public Health Considerations

Equality, environmental impact or public health implications have, where appropriate under the provisions of the relevant legislation, been taken into account in the preparation of the report.

9. Conclusion

It is recommended that Members note that there are no proposals for modifying the Definitive Map in the parish of Pancrasweek. Should any valid claim with sufficient evidence be made in the next six months, it would seem reasonable for it to be determined promptly rather than be deferred.

10. Reasons for Recommendation

To undertake the County Council's statutory duty under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to keep the Definitive Map and Statement under continuous review, and to progress the parish by parish review in Torridge District area.

David Whitton

Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste

Electoral Division: Holsworthy Rural

Local Government Act 1972 List of Background Papers

Contact for enquiries: Alison Smith

Telephone No: 01392 383370

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