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North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee

21 July 2015

Bickington Lyddicleave rush hour issues

Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste

Recommendation: It is recommended that a Traffic Regulation Order should not be introduced to reduce vehicle use of Tews Lane and Lyndicleave. Regular monitoring of the traffic using Tews Lane and Lynddicleave should continue.

1. Summary

Councillor Biderman has requested that the County Council "put in place a restriction at the morning rush hour of vehicles accessing Tews Lane, then Lyddicleave as a rat run. Similar to the one in place at Ellerslie Road.

2. Background

During the morning rush hour, there is congestion on the B3233 through Bickington, leading up to the Cedars roundabout; it has been reported that vehicles are using a loop of residential roads consisting of Tews Lane, Lyddicleave and then Hopperstyle inappropriately to avoid a section of the congested B3233. Lyddicleave and Hopperstyle have footways either side, but there is no footway provision along Tews Lane. One of the side roads within the Lyddicleave estate is the location of the County Council's Oakwell Residential Care Home.

All three roads are within a 20mph speed limit area, which was implemented in 2007. Reports of speeding have been received by the local policing team, who have undertaken some monitoring during commuting times. This has shown that speeds are compliant with the current 20mph speed limit.

Collision statistics between 2010 and 2014 show that there has been one recorded slight injury incident on Lyddicleave, which occurred in February 2012 between a single vehicle and a pedestrian.

Vehicle prohibitions

It has been suggested that time limited vehicle prohibitions, similar to those at Ellersie Road, Sticklepath, be implemented to restrict the inappropriate use of this route during the peak morning hours. A restriction of this type would require enforcement. The police have indicated that they would not support such a measure as the effectiveness is limited by the level of enforcement. The only way of confirming if a vehicle/person has lawful access to the area requires the vehicle to be followed through the whole area to which the restriction applies; enforcement is therefore, very resource intensive.

3. Financial Considerations

There are no direct costs associated with this proposal

4. Environmental Impact Considerations

The proposal will have an environmentally neutral effect

5. Equality Considerations

No new policies are being recommended in this report. No adverse impacts on any particular group are therefore expected.

6. Legal Considerations (must be included to comply with corporate standards)

The lawful implications of the proposals have been considered and taken into account in the preparation of this report.

7. Risk Management Considerations (must be included to comply with corporate standards)

This policy/proposal has been assessed and all necessary safeguards or action have been taken/included to safeguard the Council's position

8. Reason for Recommendation/Conclusion (Must be included to comply with corporate standards)

The collision data does not demonstrate a need for intervention and the police would not support the introduction of a restriction.

David Whitton

Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste

Electoral Division: Fremington Rural

Local Government Act 1972: List of Background Papers

Contact for enquiries: Tom Vaughan

Tel No: 0345 155 1004

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