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North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee

8 July 2014

Atherington Petition requesting a 20 mph speed limit

Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste

Please note that the following recommendations are subject to consideration and determination by the Committee before taking effect.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the Committee notes:

(a) the receipt of the petition;

(b) that in accordance with County policy on provision of local speed limits a 20mph speed limit is not appropriate; and

(c) that the community's concerns regarding inappropriate speeds be reviewed through the local police liaison meeting.

1. Summary

The report requested by the local Member, advises receipt of a petition from "Safer Atherington Streets Group" requesting a 20mph speed limit in the village.

2. Background/Introduction

A petition of some 78 signatures with supporting letters from local groups and survey data has been received from Safer Atherington Streets Group. Copies of the document will be available for examination at the meeting.

Vehicle speeds were monitored by the group at six locations in the village these were: Easter Hill, Torrington Road, Tray Lane, Hightown Hill, The Square and Barnstaple Hill. The data indicates that there were a number of vehicles exceeding the existing 30 mph limits on the approaches to the village. There was a high degree of compliance with the speed limit at The Square and Barnstaple Hill.

The County Council has historic data from speed surveys undertaken during the week of 9 November 2010 at Tray Lane and Torrington Road. Speeds at this time were compliant with statutory 30 mph speed limit:

Tray Lane recorded 85%ile speed northbound 30 mph, southbound 32 mph.

Torrington Road recorded 85%ile speed westbound 29 mph, eastbound 28 mph.

It is most unlikely that there will have been significant change in traffic speeds since this data was captured.

3. Local speed limit policy

The county's speed limit policy, based on central government guidance is as follows:

To work in partnership with local communities and in consultation with the police to:

Provide 30 mph speed limits in communities.

Provide 20mph speed limits, where there is significant vulnerable road user activity and an identified, speed-related casualty record. Mean speeds will already be low; if not, the new restriction should be self-enforcing. Careful consideration should be given to the environmental impacts associated with the scheme which should not be introduced on roads serving a strategic function. 20mph speed limits may be provided in the vicinity of schools where the above criteria are met, ideally where highlighted in the school's travel plan.

4. Collision History within the Village

There is one reported collision within the village since 2007 when a tractor lost its trailer. This incident was not recorded as speed related.

5. Proposed Further Action

The petition is noted however the request does not comply with the County's local speed limit policy and therefore it is proposed to not progress the limit. The reported speeds of vehicles are noted and it is intend to review the need for enforcement or other intervention in the community through the local police liaison meeting (SCARF process).

6. Reason for Recommendation/Conclusion

The recommendation is in line with existing County local speed limit policy.

David Whitton

Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste

Electoral Division: Chulmleigh & Swimbridge

Local Government Act 1972: List of Background Papers

Contact for enquiries: Alan Jones

Barnstaple Civic Centre

Tel No: (01392) 383000

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"The need to Lower Traffic speeds in Atherington"

May 2014


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