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North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee

25 March 2014

Market and Coastal Towns Rural 'Foundation' Programme

Joint Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment and of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste Management

Please note that the following recommendation is subject to consideration and determination by the Committee before taking effect.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the Committee notes the funding provisions for North Devon which have been included in report PTE/13/55 Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2026: Proposed Programme 2012/13 to 2014/15 for Devon.

1. Summary

The report summarises the proposed Local Transport Plan programme for 2014/15 in the North Devon area.

2. Background/Introduction

Cabinet agreed a two year Local Transport Plan programme for 2013/14 and 2014/15 in July 2013. This included the award of Government funding for the Local Pinch Point schemes and New Stations Fund. Since then 4.4m of Government funding has also been awarded for the Granite and Gears cycling programme for Dartmoor National Park.

All 'non-maintenance' schemes included in the Local Transport Plan have been assessed against the twin priorities of economic growth and carbon reduction whilst also achieving other wider objectives relating to the environment, health and well-being and communities.

The programme list includes an element of 'over-programming' should there be a delay in delivering particular schemes.

Sources of funding for the programme come from central government, the Invest in Devon programme and external sources, including Section 106 developer contributions.

3. Summary of Programme for the North Devon Area for 2014/15

Local Schemes

2014/15 Market and Coastal Towns Rural Devon Foundation: Local Schemes

Provisional Schemes

Scheme Details

Preliminary Estimate

Aids to Movement: District wide

Provision of dropped kerbs, etc. to facilitate movement for those with mobility difficulties


A39 Hillsford Bridge HGV Improvements

Design of measures to reduce the number of vehicles becoming stuck on the A39 due to a combination of a hairpin bend and steep gradient at Shambleway just north of Hillsford Bridge.


Witheridge School road markings

Additional zig zag road markings at Witheridge School to deter inappropriate parking by parents.


Barnstaple Town Centre Moving Traffic Regulation Order

Scheme not yet completed. 34k expenditure in 2012/14 with a further 10k of funding available in 2014/15 to complete the scheme.


Estimated Year 3 Expenditure


The 2014/15 programme is the final year of a three year programme. The programme is subject to regular review and may change to ensure that objectives are being met and that value for money is being achieved. Typically, additional new schemes may be identified and added if considered to be of a higher priority.

A summary of progress in Year 2 (2013/14) of the programme is shown below.

2013/14 Market and Coastal Towns Rural Foundation: Local Schemes

Schemes reported to Hatoc

Scheme Details

Progress/ Expenditure

Aids to Movement

Provision of dropped kerbs, etc. to facilitate movement for those with mobility difficulties


Blakes Hill Road, Landkey

Provision of Zebra Crossing


Barnstaple Town Centre Moving Traffic Regulation Order

Scheme not yet completed. 10k expenditure in 2013/14 with a further 10k of funding available in 2014/15 to complete the scheme.


Year 2 Expenditure


Market and Coastal Towns Rural Devon 'Foundation' Programme Larger Schemes

Improvements to Barnstaple station forecourt that were scheduled for 2013 have been postponed pending revised proposals from the station operator, First Great Western. In is anticipated these will take place in 2014/15.

Design work will be progressed on two new sets of walking and cycling bridges in Barnstaple, a link between Roundswell the proposed Larkbeare development and Seven Brethren and secondly connecting the new development at Anchorwood with the Strand. Bids will be prepared for external funding to build on anticipated developer contributions.

Improvement options for all users in the Seven Brethren/Longbridge area of Barnstaple will be developed to connect the above schemes and improve traffic management. Some developer contributions have been secured and external funding bids will be prepared.

Land negotiations are progressing well on the section of the Tarka Trail walking and cycling route between Willingcott and Knowle to close the missing gap between Braunton and Ilfracombe. It is anticipated that further land will be purchased in 2014/15 with the potential for a first phase of construction if sufficient progress is achieved.

Market and Coastal Towns and Rural Devon Targeted Capital Investment Programme

The Targeted Capital Investment (TCI) programme is targeted at schemes that open up economic growth, particularly where it is essential to enabling new development. Schemes will be progressed through design and planning stages to be ready for construction as internal and external funds are identified.

Construction work has commenced on the first stage of improvements to the A39 Roundswell roundabout. Cabinet agreed a second stage to the scheme, a new roundabout on the B3232 near the junction, at its February 2014 meeting. This will provide access to the proposed new employment land allocation south of the A39 as well as the new garden centre which has been granted planning permission. Both elements were awarded substantial funding from the Government's Local Pinch Point Fund. Design work is expected to begin on a second phase of improvements on the Roundswell section of the A39 in 2014/15. This will include further access improvements to serve new development and Roundswell Business Park and a new pedestrian/cycle bridge to access the proposed employment site.

Design work is also expected to begin on examining options for improvements on the A361 between Portmore roundabout and South Molton. This will incorporate future planned improvements linked to proposed development sites in the North Devon Local Plan Barnstaple area and the Borners Bridge junction at South Molton. The work will inform future bids for external funding for specific schemes.

Public consultation is currently underway on a proposed improvement to the A39 Westaway Plain [Hospital] junction in Barnstaple, linked to three proposed new developments in the adjacent area. Construction of an agreed scheme will be subject to the developments receiving planning permission and sufficient funding being secured.

Design work is currently in progress for access to the proposed expansion (Phase 4) of the Pathfields industrial estate at South Molton. This is part funded by South Molton Town Council.

Countywide Foundation Programme

Cabinet approved the installation of a Countywide bus real time information system in February 2013. It is currently anticipated that the system will be in place by the end of 2014 with information initially being provided through Smartphones and the internet. Separate reports will be taken to Cabinet on proposals to provide on-street information displays and real time linked bus priority at traffic signals. These will need to take account of the on-going maintenance liabilities.

Locations in North Devon will be included as part of a programme to provide attractive cycle parking facilities in market and coastal towns across Devon.

Other countywide programmes that may include schemes in North Devon are Public Rights of Way improvements, Casualty and Severity Reduction schemes and Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) programmes for Access to Education and Access to Employment.

4. Sustainability Considerations

The objectives and strategies of the Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan aim to improve travel choices and reduce unnecessary use of the private car as a contribution to improving Devon's environmental, social and economic well being.

5. Carbon Impact Considerations

The programmes in this report have been designed bearing in mind the effect on carbon emissions and overall have a positive impact.

6. Equality Considerations

Where relevant to the decision, the Equality Act 2010 Public Sector Equality Duty requires decision makers to give due regard to the need to:

eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other prohibited conduct;

advance equality by encouraging participation, removing disadvantage, taking account of disabilities and meeting people's needs; and

foster good relations between people by tackling prejudice and promoting understanding.

taking account of age, disability, race/ethnicity (includes Gypsies and Travellers), gender and gender identity, religion and belief, sexual orientation, pregnant women/new and breastfeeding mothers, marriage/civil partnership status in coming to a decision, a decision maker may also consider other relevant factors such as caring responsibilities, rural isolation or socio-economic disadvantage.

This may be achieved, for example, through completing a full Equality Impact Needs Assessment/Impact Assessment or other form of options/project management appraisal that achieves the same objective.

An Equality Impact and Needs Assessment (EINA) was undertaken for the Local Transport Plan 2006-2011, which set out the 2010/11 programmes. No negative impacts were identified. Impact Assessments covering equalities and other aspects such as economic and social will be carried out for major schemes and included with the relevant Cabinet report seeking scheme approval.

7. Legal Considerations

There are no specific legal considerations arising from this report. Specific considerations arising from individual schemes will be reported as part of the scheme approval process.

8. Risk Management Considerations

The programmes have been designed to maximise their deliverability taking into account factors such as land.

Risks associated with individual schemes will be reported as part of the scheme approval process

9. Public Health Impact

The proposals are designed to help make Devon a place to be Safe and Naturally Active in a sustainable and low carbon environment. Walking and cycling schemes help to promote an active lifestyle. Using bus services also encourages greater levels of walking activity.

10. Options/Alternatives

The programmes set out in this report have been developed to maximise the efficiency of transport across all modes, whilst following the principles of the strategies set out in the Local Transport Plan. The programmes are under continuous review to reflect transport need and changing circumstances.

11. Reason for Recommendation/Conclusion

The recommendations promoted in this report have followed the principles and objectives set out in the Local Transport Plan. The programme proposed in this report continues the implementation of the agreed objectives throughout the North Devon area as part of the Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2026.

David Black

Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment

David Whitton

Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste Management

Electoral Divisions: All North Devon

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