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Tue Mar 19 2013

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Devon County Council

Councillors Cann (Chairman), Chugg, Edgell, Fowler, Greenslade, Haywood and Yabsley

North Devon Council

Councillor Manuel

Also in Attendance:-

MPC Goulding, Road Casualty Reduction Officer (North), (Devon Cornwall Constabulary)


Councillors Davis (Devon County Council) and Spear (North Devon District Council).

*89 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meetings held on 23 October and of 3 December 2012 be signed as correct records.

*90 LTP Programme

The Committee noted that the Cabinet had previously approved a three year Local Transport Plan Integrated Block programme in December 2011. This programme was now being revised to reflect changing circumstances such as scheme slippage and the need to match fund key bids for new central government funding. A revised programme for 2013/14 and 2014/15 would be submitted to Cabinet in April 2013 and reported to the next available Highways and Traffic Orders Committee.

*91 Parking Dispensation Scheme

(Councillor Haywood declared a disclosable pecuniary interest by virtue of being a local contractor within the definition of the proposed scheme and withdrew from the meeting during its consideration).

The Committee considered the report of the Head of Highways and Traffic Management (HTM/13/19 - text only | pdf HTM/13/19) on the development of a revised Parking Dispensation Scheme and options as to the way forward.

It was MOVED by Councillor Cann, SECONDED by Councillor Greenslade and

RESOLVED that the Cabinet be informed:

(a) the development of the Parking Dispensation Scheme to allow flexibility for contractors whilst continuing to meet the needs of residents be endorsed;

(b) the HATOC supports the view that there is a need to continue developing the scheme particularly in respect of enhancing greater flexibility for contractors (and landlords) who work reactively or between multiple sites in a single day and that it would recommend the Scratch Card Option 4, as detailed in the report;

(c) that this Committee also requests that further consideration be given to the following:

(i) an alternative method by use of mobile Text Messaging (rather than the Scratch Card method);

(ii) an option to allow a dispensation to enable contractors parking on restricted parking areas (such a single yellow) in the vicinity of the work place; and

(iii) operating a pilot of a revised Dispensation Scheme when approved (for 12 months for example) before roll out to the whole County;

(d) that a progress report be submitted to this Committee approximately 12 months after implementation of a revised Parking Dispensation Scheme.

*92 Prohibition of Motor Vehicles (except buses), Gould Road and Greenbank Road Forches Estate, Barnstaple (Minute 81)

(Councillors Haywood and Yabsley each declared a personal interest in this matter by virtue of, respectively, his spouse being a Board Member of North Devon Homes Ltd; and as a non-remunerated local authority Board Member of North Devon Homes).

(MPC Goulding attended and spoke to this item at the request of the Committee).

The Head of Highways and Traffic Management reported on the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to prohibit motor vehicles along Gould Road and Greenbank Road, Forches Estate, Barnstaple and on further discussions with North Devon Homes Ltd of the Forches Estate, Police and Local Member following the advertisement of the TRO and consideration of objections, as reported at the last meeting.

MPC Goulding explained that the Constabulary had no objection in principle to the proposed prohibition (with the use of rising bollards) with the exception of allowing buses, as long as motorcycles were also exempted, as the prohibition of all vehicles was not enforceable. The local Member was agreeable to this proposed way forward. It was noted that this would require the advertising of an amended Traffic Regulation Order.

*93 Police Policy for Enforcement of Car Parking on Public Footpaths in North Devon

(MPC Goulding attended and spoke to this item at the request of the Committee).

The Committee noted that In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Cann had requested that the Committee seek clarification of the policies of both the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and Devon County Council on enforcement in respect of parking on the footway.

MPC Goulding confirmed that where there were no waiting restrictions on a road any parking on the footway was deemed to be an obstruction and unlawful and the police officer could require an immediate, prompt or routine response depending on the situation and availability of resources. He suggested that Members also raise this issue at the local Have Your Say meetings so that the local police teams were aware and could prioritise the matter accordingly. The powers of enforcement by Police Community Services Officers (PCSOs) was not consistent in the force area and he undertook to clarify the position.

The Head of Highways and Traffic Management confirmed that where there was parking on the footway and waiting restrictions on the adjacent carriageway the local authority Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) could take enforcement action and issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

It was MOVED by Councillor Greenslade, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and

RESOLVED that a report on the issues be made to the next meeting to include powers of Civil Enforcement Officers and that the Local Police Area Commander be also invited to provide any operational guidance on enforcement against car parking causing an obstruction on the footway and the powers of enforcement by Police Community Services Officers.

*94 Suggested changes in the times of traffic restricted access to The Strand Barnstaple

(Councillors Yabsley declared a personal interest in this matter by virtue of being a member of the North Devon Conservative Association whose office is located in the Strand).

The Committee noted that in accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Cann had requested that the Committee consider reviewing the scheme following the closure of traffic and the lack of activity in the area. It was felt that the aim of promoting a caf culture within a cultural quarter was not succeeding and the area now was sterile . He suggested that consideration be given to allowing traffic within certain periods. The Local Member concurred that a review could be undertaken with a view to restricting motorised access between 10.00 and 16.00 hours for example in line with the Town Centre restrictions.

It was MOVED by Councillor Greenslade, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and

RESOLVED that the Head of Highways and Traffic Management in consultation with the Chairman and Local County Councillor give further consideration to the implications of varying the times of limited access to the Strand for report to a future meeting.

*95 Highway Issues regarding Roundswell Roundabout A39 and particularly with reference to the St John Garden Centre Planning Application

(Councillor Edgell declared a personal interest in this matter by virtue of knowing one of the joint applicants of the St John s Garden Centre s application).

The Committee noted that in accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Edgell has requested that the Committee be informed of progress of this Scheme.

The Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment updated Members on the proposals relating to the proposed development of the Rounswell Roundabout to improve capacity on the A39 and associated planning applications and the County Council s (as Highway Local Authority) response to the North Devon District Council (as Local Planning Authority). The Head confirmed that the Applicant had been requested to carry out two types of assessment to determine the requirement of a pedestrian crossing. Those assessments looked at likely demand and road safety. The latter was a Road Safety Audit considering use of the uncontrolled crossing within the Cabinet approved improvement scheme, in combination with the increased pedestrian flow arising from the development. This assessment was not finalised at the time of the meeting but the draft version included reference to an issue which in the opinion of officers could be resolved as part of the design. Based on this evidence the County Council s response, to be made by the Head under delegated powers, would not require specific conditions relating to a proposed pedestrian crossing facility (although the ability to include one was being incorporated in the design It was clarified that the proposed Torrington Road Roundabout would not be requirement of the development, but the land necessary to provide one would form part of a s106 agreement. He also explained the proposals within the context of the developing joint Torridge and North Devon Development Plan which proposed to allocate 15Ha of employment to the south of the A39 and that a safer method of crossing the road would be required in the context of this expansion. It was also explained that the County Council s bid to the Department for Transport s Local Pinch Point Fund had been submitted and the outcome of which was expected shortly.

The Committee noted the position.

*96 Actions Taken Under Delegated Powers

The Committee noted the report of the Head of Highways and Traffic Management (HTM/13/32 - text only | pdf HTM/13/32) on actions taken under delegated powers since the last meeting and where appropriate in consultation with the Chairman and local Members.

*97 Dates of Future Meetings

The Committee noted the following dates: 11 June, 22 October 2013 and 25 March 2014.


Minutes of this Committee are published on the County Council s Website at:

The meeting started at 10.00am and finished at 11. 30m

Date Published: Wed Apr 03 2013