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Tue Jul 28 2015

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Devon County Council

Councillors Owen (Chairman), Foggin, Hannan, Hannaford, Hill, Leadbetter, Morse, Prowse and Westlake

Exeter City Council

Councillors Bull and Wardle

Member attending in accordance with Standing Order 25:-

Councillors Packham and Pearson (Exeter City Council)

*110 Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

RESOLVED that Councillor Owen be elected Chairman for the ensuing year and Councillor Morse be elected Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.

*111 Announcements

The Chairman welcomed Mrs A C Mayes MBE who was attending the meeting in her capacity as a Co-opted Member of the County Council's Standards Committee to observe and monitor compliance with the Council s ethical governance framework.

*112 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 16 April 2015 be signed as a correct record.

*113 Bus Services in Exeter

Mr R Williams, Commercial Director Stagecoach introduced Mr B Dennison recently appointed Managing Director of Stagecoach South West, and Mr Williams spoke at the invitation of the Committee on developments affecting bus services and the network in Exeter since the last meeting as follows:

the annual fares review resulted in the Day-Rider ticket price being maintained at

3.60 (little change over 11 years) and simplified single fares for short, medium and main routes, including 1 fare from St David s Rail Station to the City Centre and 1 add-on per child

improved reliability for the Sidmouth and Plymouth services with no impact on


route change for the B service which would finish at the Met office and not the EDF

site (as a result of new Tithe Barn Link Road)

launch of new low emission diesel vehicles (with a 2.1 m investment), which were

the cleanest in the South West and with passenger Wi Fi

changes to the E and F services to improve timetable reliability with a less frequent

service which would help avoid bunching

the County Council Public Transport budget reductions had been confirmed which

resulted in a smaller impact on services than previously anticipated with: improved University service to St Luke s (contracted by the University), the T services had been enhanced by Stagecoach following the County Council reductions, improved services to the Rydons and the evening P service had been retained

the new proposed Matford Lane bus Depot by the Park and Ride site had received

planning permission from the City Council.

Additionally issues and/or observations identified during the course of discussions, as

indicated, included:

support by members for the child fare scheme, introduction of new buses and new

timetabling to reduce bunching

implications for the Car Boot market as a result of the new Bus Depot in Matford

the difficulties for drivers in mediating between passengers with disabilities and push

chair users despite the public notices/signage indicating priority for passengers with disabilities and the additional training and support provided for drivers in this regard by Stagecoach

the problem of alleged early running in Whipton in respect of the 9 am bus leaving

passengers stranded during school term and Mr Williams undertook to arrange an inspection at the appropriate time during the next school term

new drop off points in Plymouth when travelling from Exeter

co-ordination of start and leaving times in Exeter High Street for certain services (H

A for example); Mr Williams explained difficulties in co-ordinating and connecting services

implications for Stagecoach staff of the move to the new Matford Depot and Mr

Williams referred to transport to work planning for its drivers and improved parking provision at the new Depot compared to the current City site; and that new timetabling of services would need to be carried out and that Matford was a better location for routes in and around the City

the need for relabeling the D services (e.g. D1 and D2) in view of their different routes

which Mr Williams undertook to consider

the need for improved real time information for passengers (akin to the automated

systems in Bristol for example) and Mr Williams referred to the development of a new mobile app and improved live information on their Website which was to be launched shortly; and the Chairman indicated that she with officers and other members could discuss this further with Stagecoach looking into available options and cost benefits.

The Chairman thanked Mr Williams for the updates and responses to Members questions.

*114 Petitions/Parking Policy Reviews

[An item to be taken under s18 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 relating to any reviews of

parking policy sought in line with the Council s Petition Scheme]


There was no petition for a parking review from a member of the public.

*115 Zebra Crossing - Okehampton Road

(Councillor Packham (Exeter City Council)) attended in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item).

In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Hannaford had requested that the Committee consider the need for a pedestrian crossing in Okehampton Street/Road.

The Chairman was presented with a petition from Councillors Packham and Hannaford containing 53 signatures from local residents seeking a zebra crossing on Okehampton Road/Street near the junction with Buller Road. The local members outlined the reasons for a crossing relating to vulnerable pedestrians resident in the area, speed of traffic and access to local shops and amenities.

The Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste would respond direct to the petition on the issues raised (within 15 days) and indicated that he would submit a report to the next meeting following a pedestrian and traffic survey and assessment of potential loss of local parking.

*116 Exeter Transport Strategy (Minute *106)

The Committee considered the report of Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/15/43) on progress with delivering the Exeter Transport Strategy as outlined in the Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 2011-2026, the changing financial landscape and work with local partners relating to, for example, the cycle strategy, travel to work/school planning with leading employers and schools, development of the Rail Metro system and major transport schemes involving key junction improvements and road widening via the Growth Deal process managed by the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The Head of Service undertook to review the controlled crossing (for cyclists and pedestrians) times on Bridge Road as a result of local concerns relating to congestion.

It was MOVED by Councillor Morse, SECONDED by Councillor Owen and


(a) that Progress on the first 5 years of the Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 Exeter Transport Strategy be noted;

(b) that this Committee receive an update on an annual basis following the Transport Strategy Working Group's annual forum with Members and local groups interested in transport.

*117 Highways Improvement in Local Planning

In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Owen had requested that the Committee consider this matter.

The Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment reported on a proposed new protocol, to be considered by the Devon Local Government Steering Group, whereby members would be notified of all planning applications within their Divisions by their respective Local Planning Authorities.

The Committee noted that in addition to the current protocol where highway officers would consult with local members in respect of proposed developments involving 10 or more dwellings it was open to Members to discuss the impact of any planning application with the County Council s highways officers.

The Head of Service would forward clarification of the protocols directly to members following consideration by the Devon Local Government Steering Group.

*118 Disabled Parking Bays in Residential Areas

The Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste reported on a reference from the Exeter Board asking this Committee to consider broader implications associated with issues relating to disputes between neighbours or landlords/tenants for example and consultation on proposals.

The Head of Service reported that each application for an advisory disabled parking bay in a residential area would be considered on its merits based on the traffic and parking implications and the needs of the applicant only. Based on the small numbers of applications that resulted in disputes it was considered there was no justification to introduce a formal consultation process. If the householder moved the advisory bay would be removed upon notification.

*119 Update on Parking on Pavements

In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Owen had requested that the Committee consider this matter.

The Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste reported on a new Bill proceeding through Parliament to make provision for the safety, convenience and free movement on pavements of disabled people, older people, people accompanying young children, and other pavement users; to clarify, strengthen and simplify the law relating to parking on pavements in England and Wales; and for connected purposes . Under this impending legislation it was anticipated exemptions would be allowed where vehicles would be permitted to park on pavements under certain circumstances.

The Head of Service also reported on the County Council s lead in developing best practice policy (in conjunction with the British Parking Association and The Joint Committee of England and Wales for Civil Enforcement of Parking and Traffic Regulation Outside London) with the launch of website information and publication of publicity material and notices for cars about inappropriate parking on pavements.

*120 Measures to mitigate speeding on Gloucester Road: 20mph signs together with Active Signage (particularly with regard to traffic coming from Redhills on to Gloucester Road)

(Councillor Pearson (Exeter City Council)) attended in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item).

In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Hannaford had requested that the Committee consider this matter.

The local City and County Councillors reported on the need for improved signage on the Gloucester Road and adjacent roads in view of local concerns relating to excessive speeding.

The Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste reported on the scope for use of mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) and undertook to carry out a speed survey and data collection with a view to a referral to the Speed Compliance Action Review Forum (SCARF).

The City Councillor (Cowick) referred to his concern about the location of speed limit signs in Bowhay Lane and Barley Lane and also to the potential use of VAS in this area which the Head of Service also undertook to investigate.

*121 Actions Taken Under Delegated Powers

The Committee received the report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/15/59 - text only | pdf HCW/15/59) on actions taken by him in respect of Traffic Orders under delegated powers since the last meeting.

*122 Dates for Future HATOC Meetings

Monday, 9 November 2015 at 2.15 pm

Monday, 11 January at 2.15 pm

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The meeting started at 2.15 pm and finished at 4.40 pm

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Date Published: Wed Aug 05 2015