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Fri Jan 20 2012

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20 January 2012


Councillors Hart (Chairman), Mrs Boyle, Haywood, Leadbetter, Moulding and Owen

Mrs Roberts (Vice-Chairman), Mr Bowman, Mr Ryles and Mr Turner

Non-voting members:-

Mr Jones (Head of Human Resources) and Mrs Rogers (Joint Secretary Management Side)


Councillor Greenslade, Ms Flemington

*PP/25 Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

AGREED that Councillor Hart and Ms Roberts be elected Chairman and

Vice-Chairman respectively for the remainder of the current year.

*PP/26 Minutes


(a) that the Minutes of the meeting held on 27 April 2011 be signed as a correct record.

(The Partnership noted Cabinet decision 11 May 2011 minute 350 in respect of PP/21 (Appeals against dismissals and grievances), namely:-

(i) welcoming the Personnel Partnership s agreement in respect of dismissal appeals, ie that employees be given the choice of who hears their appeal, a Chief Officer (or their nominated representative) or Members;

(ii) that in the absence of agreement between the employers and staff sides in respect of grievance appeals, the Council adopt the practice that appeals would be heard by a Chief Officer (or their nominated representative).

These new arrangements would be reviewed after the first 12 months of operation).

(b) that a update be made to the next meeting on the Atkinson Secure Children s Home.

PP/27 DCC Budget 2012/13

By way of background information, budget papers to other committees had been distributed to members (budget reports to Cabinet 14 December 2011, the County Treasurer s budget presentation, budget reports for Scrutiny Committees 23, 24 and 25 January 2012).

The Staff Side reported they had received the impact assessment for the service prioritisation following the Personnel Partnership s meeting last year (20 January 2011), but they also wished to have the full document. The Employers Side would welcome this document as well.

The Staff Side also requested a breakdown of the reduction in staffing within the new DCC structure 2011/12 (by People, Place, Corporate, Full Time Equivalent).

A report was also currently being prepared by outside consultants on the DCC restructuring, to be considered by the Corporate Leadership Team s meeting with Heads of Service which had been arranged for 27 February 2012 but that date was now being rearranged. The Staff Side also requested to have this report once it was available. The Chairman had not yet been given a deadline date for finishing the report but would let the Staff Side know the date and some information on the report when known.


(a) that the Head of Human Resources look into the papers requested by the Staff Side for 2010/11, to be circulated to all members of the Partnership;

(b) that the breakdown of the reduction in staffing within the new DCC structure 2011/12 be circulated to all members of the Partnership;

(c) that further details on the report being prepared by outside consultants on the DCC restructuring be forwarded to the Staff Side when known.

*PP/28 Dates of Future Meetings

All meetings commencing at 10.30am (10am Management Briefing):-

Thurs 26 April 2012

Thurs 18 October 2012

Fri 18 January 2013

Mon 22 April 2013.

The meeting started at 10.30am and finished at 10.45am

The Minutes of this Committee are published on the County Council's Website at:-

Date Published: Thu Jan 26 2012