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Wed Jul 22 2009

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22 July 2009


Councillors Boyle, Greenslade, Hart, Leadbetter and Moulding

Mrs Andrews, Mr Dowling, Mr Franceschini, Mr Houghton, Mr King, Ms Roberts, Mr Ryles and Mr Spackman.

Mr Jones, representing Executive Director of Corporate Resources

PP/1 Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

AGREED that Councillor Hart be elected Chairman for the ensuing year. The position of Vice-Chairman to be shared by Ms Roberts and Ms Flemington.

The Chairman reported that due to retirement this would be the last meeting attended by Mr Franceschini. He thanked him for his contributions over the many years he had been employed with the Council and in particular with regard to his representation on behalf of the Staff Side.

PP/2 Minutes

AGREED that the Minutes of the meeting held on 17 April 2009 be signed as a correct record.

Matters Arising:

(a) Atkinson Unit (minute PP/91)

(Councillor Leadbetter declared a personal interest in this matter by virtue of his family involvement with the Atkinson Unit.

Mr Spackman declared a prejudicial interest in this matter by virtue of being an employee of the Atkinson Unit and left the room)

The Staff Side raised concerns on the apparent delay of the start of the consultation process and the refusals of referrals in the 18 to 20 age year groups.

AGREED that the Executive Director of Corporate Resources would investigate the concerns and report back to the Staff Side. See footnote*

(b) Residential Homes (minute PP/92)

The Staff Side reported on the increasing experience by certain authorities on the South West Provincial Council on escalating costs of services provided externally.

The Chairman noted the comments and confirmed that before any new provision was agreed all aspects relating to externalisation of residential homes would be taken into consideration.

(c) Local Government Reorganisation (minute PP/93)

The Staff Side raised concerns regarding the announcement by the Secretary of State to delay the date for the announcement of the recommendation of the Boundary Committee and that there was a possibility of the Secretary of State re-examining the proposals that had been previously refused.

The Chairman confirmed the Secretary of State s decision to delay the Boundary Commission recommendations following a successful legal challenge to the process in Suffolk. As the date of the appeal against that decision was, as yet, unknown, and the possibilities of there being further challenges, there was every likelihood that a decision on local government reorganisation in Devon would not be taken within the life of the current Parliament. In the meantime he confirmed that Devon would continue working with District Councils on the best way forward for all Devon residents.

(d) Job Evaluation (minute PP/94)

The Staff Side raised their concerns regarding the lack of agreement in the process and that it may be necessary to request an emergency Corporate Joint meeting.

The Executive Director of Corporate Resources acknowledged the Staff Side concerns but was confident that agreement could be reached without the need for an emergency Corporate Joint meeting.

PP/3 Future Arrangements for Consultations with Staff and Negotiating Arrangements

The Personnel Partnership considered the draft Personnel Partnership Constitution of the Executive Director of Corporate Resources.

AGREED that the following amendments to the Draft Constitution be made:-

Non Voting Members

Para 3.2

Delete Joint Secretaries and replace with Joint Secretary . Delete the words and TU .

Voting Mechanism

Para 5.2

Insert after membership the words in line with the mandate of members .

Frequency of meetings

Para 7.1

Insert after require the words (subject to review) .


Para 8.1

Delete in and insert the words three weeks . Insert after meeting the words by the Chairman and Vice Chairman .

Para 8.2

Delete the final two sentences.


Para 10.2

Delete the word present and substitute the word appeal .

Insert full between the and Cabinet .

PP/4 Dates of Future Meetings

28 October 2009 and 20 January 2010 (Budget),

All dates on Wednesdays, to commence at 10.30am (Management briefing at 10am).

The meeting started at 10.30am and finished at 11.15am

The Minutes of this Committee are published on the County Council's Website at:-

[*Subsequently following the investigation required it is confirmed that the demand for Welfare beds is outstripping provision at this moment and the Atkinson Unit are currently not offering facilities more than they can cope with. The original contract for 11 beds with the Youth Justice Board ended on the 30 June and the Atkinson Unit only have 3 beds fixed until March 2010. In addition, the Atkinson Unit are providing 7 welfare beds whilst there is the appropriate staff . We have been mandated by Executive 21 May, to establish a 8 bedded unit and staff accordingly.This strategy will form part of the options appraisal which is being considered by the Project Board and could well conclude that additional beds will be made available. It should be noted that the majority of occupancy and demands comes from out of county placements].

Date Published: Fri Aug 07 2009