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North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders

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Tue Oct 29 2013

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A meeting of the North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee will be held on the above date at 10.00 am in The Civic Centre, Barnstaple to consider the following matters.


Chief Executive



1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 11 June 2013 (Page 1)

3. Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chairman should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.

4. Devon County Council (Road past Bouchland Farm, Burrington (Prohibition of motor vehicles) Order

Report of the County Solicitor (CS/13/33 - text only | pdf CS/13/33) (Page 4)

Electoral Division: Chulmleigh Swimbridge

5. Highways VJV - Update

The Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste to report.

Electoral Divisions: All in North Devon

6. Bickington: Road Resurfacing

In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Cann has requested that the Committee consider this matter

Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste to report.

Press release from 19 July:

Highways contractor apologises over poor roadworks

Devon Highways contractor South West Highways has apologised to residents in parts of North Devon over the poor specialist surface treatment work on local roads, and it has assured Devon County Council that repairs will be carried out at no expense to local taxpayers.

The specialist Fibredec surface, which provides improved resistance against cracking and potholes, was used in Bickington, Fremington and Instow. However it has suffered melting or bleeding in the recent high temperatures and sub-contractor Colas, employed by South West Highways to do the work, has accepted that the underlying problem started with its initial defective work on the road in May.

Ben Pyle, Managing Director of SWH, said: SWH recognises its ultimate responsibility for the issues which have arisen at these sites and is embarrassed and sorry that this series of events has caused genuine inconvenience and discomfort to local people. As a local and professional contractor, these are important issues to our business.

At Bickington, Fremington and Instow, early signs of failure were identified shortly after the surface was laid in May. This was recognised and accepted by our contractor who, after inspecting the sites, proposed remedial actions which were accepted by Devon County Council. This involved a further 6mm dressing of the roads using grey chippings. The works were carried out in mid-June at no additional cost to the County Council and over the following weeks appeared to have resolved the initial problem.

However, at the beginning of July, we started to experience sustained hot weather where road temperatures exceeded 40 C and reached 50 C in places causing problems with the binder material. This has affected surface dressing sites in other parts of the County but more significantly at these sites where the roads have had a double dressing.

The only course of action in these circumstances, as recommended by the Road Surface Treatments Association, is to treat the road with applications of fine grit to retain a physical barrier between binder and vehicle wheels. This is referred to as dusting down and we have been doing this for the past few days. Regrettably, the bleeding from the surface is accentuated at these sites because there are two layers of bituminous material which is why there has been a higher than normal level of dusting, which has raised understandable complaint.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Maintenance, said: Surface dressing is a very effective treatment when done properly. It helps keep water out of the road construction and it restores skid resistance. Clearly the works in Bickington, Fremington and Instow have gone wrong. Where the initial fault is with the sub-contractor, the County Council is clear that it should not pay for remedial works. I m pressing for the road to be fixed as soon as the temperatures fall and our contractor is able to assess what needs to be done and carry out the necessary repairs.

Councillor Frank Biederman, Devon County Councillor for Fremington Rural, said: The failure of the surface dressing in Bickington, Fremington and Instow, has caused major problems for drivers and residents. Cars have been covered in dust and splattered with tar, and residents have not been able to open their windows at the hottest time of the year due to the amount of dust from the road. I have raised these issues with the County Council s Highways Officers and I welcome plans to sort out the problem as soon as possible. I m also pleased to hear that the council tax payer will not have to foot the bill to put this problem right.

SWH and Devon County Council have agreed to suspend dusting . As a precaution, additional warning signs will be placed in the area and the surface will be closely monitored. SWH will also arrange to liaise with local residents.

Once temperatures have fallen, the site will be assessed to resolve the situation at the expense of the contractor.

Other surface dressing work in the area, for example at Yelland, has been postponed until next year to ensure the current inconvenience is not exacerbated further.

Electoral Division: Fremington Rural

7. Market and Coastal Towns Rural Foundation Programme/Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2026: Proposed Programme 2012/13 to 2014/15

Report of the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment (PTE/13/90 - text only | pdf PTE/13/90) on schemes agreed by Cabinet in July 2013 and additional funding awarded by the Department of Transport (DfT) for various schemes across the County (Page 7)

Electoral Divisions: All in North Devon

8. Suggested changes in the times of traffic restricted access to The Strand Barnstaple (Minute *94)

Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste to report

Electoral Division: Barnstaple North

9. C783 Blakes Hill Road Landkey, Proposed Zebra Pedestrian Crossing: Scheme for Formal Approval

Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/13/49 - text only | pdf HCW/13/49) (Page 12)

Electoral Division: Chulmleigh Swimbridge

10. Grass Cutting

In accordance with Standing Order 23(2) Councillor Greenslade has requested that the Committee consider this matter

The Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste to report.

11. Objections received to the advertising of mandatory disabled bays in this HATOC area

Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/13/50 - text only | pdf HCW/13/50) on objections received following the advertising of mandatory disabled bays (Page 15)

Electoral Division: Barnstaple North

12. Actions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/13/51 - text only | pdf HCW/13/51) on actions taken under Delegated Powers since the last meeting and, where appropriate, in consultation with the Chairman and Local Members (Page 25)

13. Dates of Meetings

25 March, 8 July, 18 November 2014 and 21 April 2015 at the Civic Centre Barnstaple



Members are reminded that Part II reports contain confidential information and should therefore be treated accordingly. They should not be disclosed or passed on to any other person(s).

Members are also reminded of the need to dispose of such reports carefully and are therefore urged to return them to the Committee Secretary at the conclusion of the meeting for disposal.



Devon County Council

Councillors Yabsley (Chairman), Biederman, Edmunds, Chugg, Davis, Edgell, Greenslade and Mathews

North Devon District Council

Councillors Cann, Manuel and Spear

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Date Published: Tue Oct 22 2013