Executive post

Cabinet Member for Children's Services and Schools


Responsibility as Lead Member for Children’s Services, for the discharge of all the Council’s statutory functions, powers and duties in relation to children’s social care and education and learning (excluding SEND): this to include the Council’s functions as local education authority particularly in respect of schools, provision of learning services, strategic commissioning of integrated services for children & young people, school planning, school transport and early years services; for child protection and harm reduction services, the Youth Offending Service, children in care and support for young carers: having regard to the Council’s strategic objectives and working collegiately to secure the future delivery and direction of these services.


Cabinet liaison for co-ordinated management of the Council’s plans and policies and the integrated delivery of services for the people of Exeter by the County Council and partner organisations acting as the Cabinet proponent for advancing the needs of and aspirations of the County’s Capital City.

Post is held by