Issue - decisions

10/04/2024 - North Devon Link Service (Call in of Cabinet Decision 491 of 13 March 2024)

RESOLVED that the recommendation of the Scrutiny Committee and its intention to monitor the position be noted and it be further noted that the original decision of the Cabinet had been implemented with immediate effect following the conclusion of the call-in process.

13/03/2024 - North Devon Link Service

RESOLVED that in noting the public consultation undertaken by the CouncilandDevonPartnershipNHSTrust and feedback therefrom;


(a) the NorthDevonLinkServiceDrop-inservicesthatrunfromtheLinkCentres inBarnstaple,BidefordandIlfracombe, be closed;


(b) that the closureincludes ceasingtheshort-termenablingsupportto thoseservice users inreceiptofCare Act2014 eligibleservices, and to note that the Council and DevonPartnershipTrustwillassistthosepeopleto accessalternative equivalent support; and


(c) that the Council work withDevonPartnershipNHSTrustandtheDevonMental HealthAllianceto support all serviceusers in their transition to alternativecommunitysupportovera periodof3 months minimum.