Issue - decisions

08/05/2024 - County Road Highway Maintenance: Capital Budget and Progress on 2023/24 Schemes and Proposals for the 2024/25 Programmes and the On-street Parking Account 2024/25



(a) that the progress on 2023/24 capital funded highway maintenance programme, as detailed in Appendices B and C of the Report, be noted;


(b) that due to the Department for Education Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Safety Valve Programme Grant funding agreement being more than anticipated at budget setting in February 2024, it is noted it is now possible to release £10 million of Capital Receipts to support Highways Infrastructure;


(c) that an increase of £10 million to the Climate Change Environment and Transport 2024/25 capital programme funded by capital receipts be approved;


(d) that a further increase of £639,551 to the Climate Change Environment and Transport capital programme be approved, being £455,000 in 2024/25 and £184,551 in 2025/26, funded by the DfT Traffic Signal Obsolescence Grant and Green Light Fund.


(e) that the capital funded highway maintenance programme for 2024/25, as set out in Appendices D and E, be approved;


(f) that the detailed allocation of the available budget is determined by the Director of Climate Change, Environment and Transport, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highway Management, on the basis of the Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan, and within the limits of the approved budget; and


(g) that the programme funded from the On-street Parking Account for 2024/25, as set out in Appendix F, also be approved.