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Information about Development Management Committee

To discharge the functions of the Council as County Planning Authority:


(1)  by determining planning applications relating to minerals, waste disposal and the Council’s own development proposals;


(2) by dealing with other matters relating to town and country planning legislation;


and any other (non-executive or local choice) functions not reserved to the full Council in Article 4 or specified in Schedules 1 and 2 of the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Order 2000, as amended, or to be discharged by the Cabinet or other Committee, as set out in the Council’s Scheme of Delegation (see Introductory/Explanatory Note);


To oversee the production of the County Council’s Minerals and Waste Plans, subject to approval at formal stages by the Cabinet and County Council, and to prepare and approve all other documents forming part of the County Council’s Minerals and Waste Development Framework.